Harry Styles and Daniel Padilla Look Alike

Harry Styles and Daniel Padilla side by side. Do they look the same? Photos from the internet. Editing mine.

Is it just me or does Harry Styles of the One Direction fame look pretty much like our Pinoy teen idol, Daniel Padilla? I am not sure if their fans will agree with me but it seems that if I look at Daniel in the Princess and I, I see Harry Styles and if I see photos of Styles I see Daniel in them. LOL Maybe the two of them should have a Philippine concert, no? hehe After all, they are both musical, about the same age, and have got young ladies swooning over them. They are really popular, albeit Daniel’s star is just mostly shining here in the Philippines.

No offense meant. Sorry, not a fan of either of them and am not updated on this issue, and if the fans are hostile or not. hehe And yeah, I know that fans can be really over protective about their favorite stars. I think that during fan gatherings, it is best to wear running shoes so that you are comfortable while waiting and you can easily sprint when the celebrity is around. These situations can get really messy. haha

Among the One Direction members, Styles is such a stand out, having relationships with a string of older female celebrities under pretty much every industry under his belt. (Yeah, I have read about his dalliances online and I cannot remember the names of the ladies/girls that he has been with). He has this lothario image that he seems to uphold and the women love him for it. I just hope though that when he is older he will drop this young and wild thing with women be serious in one relationship, for that will keep him grounded. Just my 2-cents’ worth. But I know that will not be heeded. haha

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