Earn and Feel Good with Limitless Possibilities

Products I received from Limitless Possibilities.

Limitless Possibilities sounds inspiring, motivating, encouraging. And that is exactly how the company Limitless Possibilities Asia Pacific, Inc. appears to me.

I came across this company through a set of beauty products to review that was sent to me. But when I checked their website and their Facebook page, I learned that it is “a social selling alternative for the young entrepreneur.” Well, that is cool. At least, young people will have a chance to sell products other than the brands that we are so used to.

You can check out more about Limitless Possibilities Asia Pacific, Inc., their products, and earning opportunities in the links below:
Website: https://limitlesspossibilities.com.ph/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/limitlesspossibilitiesPH

Tamara body lotions by Limitless Possibilities.
Facial products from Limitless Possibilities.

So again, I was sent products to review. At a single time, I used the bath soap, the facial wash, the facial toner, and Tamara Body Lotion Day (because they had a lotion for the night).

Limitless Possibilities Facial Wash. According to package instructions, three squirts would be enough to wash the face. And it did. It may come off as too strong to others because of the alcohol smell, but when I checked the label, it is water-based. I like it because I have oily skin and it is quite effective in stripping my face of the oils in a single wash. But I don’t think that it is that harsh, at least for my skin type.

Limitless Possibilities Facial Toner. I am an Eskinol kind of girl because of my oily face. This one is not too strong, just okay I guess for those with normal to dry skin. But the good thing is, I did not have breakouts after because it effectively cleansed my face. In the instructions, however, it said three sprays on the cotton, but in my case, I had to use at least five to be able to cleanse my face.

Limitless Possibilities Whitening Body Soap. I loved this! The smell is something fruity, like guava, and it is pleasant to my nose, although it says in the packaging that it has grapefruit fragrance. I have been using it for about five to six days now, twice a day, and today, when I looked into the mirror, I just noticed that my face and neck have become a bit fairer. I forgot that this soap is whitening. I only remembered about it when I took the box again and read the literature there. So I guess this is really effective! I am not really into whitening to make me look fairer, but if this can even out my skin tone (like the dark elbows, neck, and knees), then I would really be happy. I shall continue using this.

Tamara Body Lotion Day. The lotion smells soooo good on me. And I like it that it has SPF 35, so it is perfect to use with the whitening soap. I have normal skin on my body, so this works pretty well for me.

These are the products that I used in a single time.

I admit that I felt really refreshed and good after my bath when I used the products from Limitless Possibilities. Maybe that is also because I was really conscious about going through the routine so I was really able to appreciate my bath. I usually just speed through it every morning, but that day was different. And I felt good. That is why, even though I don’t normally do selfies, I agreed to do this. But I had somebody take my solo picture. My selfie sucked. haha

I don’t usually do selfies but I have to admit that I felt good and fresh and so I agreed to this. Sheesh. haha

I really appreciated this set of toiletries that I received from Limitless Possibilities. And if they are going to send me another set, I would be very happy! haha Thank you very much! πŸ˜€

But should you need other skin care products, you may check out the collection at Zalora Philippines. They have quite an extensive collection for different needs.

Note: The author received products for review and the products used are fully disclosed. All the opinions expressed here are mine. The author did not receive compensation for this review.

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  1. I often use the phrase the “endless possibilities” so this product sounds very interesting. I will check out their website if they have body wash (and Zalora, of course) because I use soap only every other day to prevent drying skin. thanks for introducing the product πŸ™‚

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