Bloggers Meet Up and Book Signing at Quan Native Delicacies


Despite the international flair of my taste buds, it always comes back to home. That is why, ever since I was in college (which by the way is a long time ago), I would always frequent the old place that houses Quan Native Delicacies at MC Metroplex, (beside Doctors’ Hospital). They used to have just a couple of glass display cases there and I especially loved their cuchinta, cassava cake, pudding, and their vegetable lumpia.

Agnes and Chole–the mother and daughter tandem behind Quan. They have gone a very long way!

By a wonderful twist of fate, when I became a young professional, I was given the chance to work closely with Agnes Aguirre-Cuenca and Chole the mother and daughter team behind Quan because of the cookbook, Tita’s Book of Favorite Recipes. And eventually, I did some creative work for them, like the design of billboards, posters, packaging, and the like.

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And yet all this time, I have never gotten tired of their fares. They still have their original native delicacies that are mostly glutinous rice-based products but they have also added a lot of stuff to their menu. They now have short orders, cakes, pies, snack items, breads, pasalubong items, and those baked munchables in plastic packages that are perfect as baon for the kids. As for me, I just like munching on them.

Bloggers with happy tummies, posing for posterity with Agnes and Chole.
Thanks to Jojo Vito for this photo. Not my best angle, but well, here I am preparing some food items to be photographed. That table was a fiesta!
Immortalizing three brazo cupcakes–a new product for Christmas.
Well, I am actually holding a tray of suman latik. Photo by Jojo Vito.

Anyway, today, we got invited to a bloggers’ meet up at Quan La Salle Avenue branch. As always, it was another happy occasion because the Negrense bloggers are quite a talkative bunch. It is always a pleasure discussing ideas and also, ehem, people, while sampling the new as well as relishing the old products of Quan. We were served with palabok and garlic toast, dinuguan and puto, alupi, cassava cake laced with pandan, guava cupcakes, suman latik, napoleones, bingka, sausage rolls, and the crowd favorite–brazo cupcakes. It was another delightful afternoon both for the tummy, the heart, and soul. When you do something like this, it is not work at all.

Afterwards, we were sent home with boxes of napoleones (in its new packaging), their new Christmas cherry cake, and a copy of the Tita’s cookbook. The bloggers also had the opportunity to have their books signed.

Thank you, for having us Quan! Cheers to more years! You have been part of many people’s lives for a very long time! Congratulations! 😀

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Native delicacies and desserts are neatly displayed.
The munchables I was talking about.

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