Golden of Fortune Restaurant Bacolod

Golden of Fortune Restaurant: Authentic Hong Kong Style Chinese Restaurant in Bacolod

Golden of Fortune Restaurant

There are many Chinese restaurants in Bacolod City today. Many of them have been in the business for a very long time, some have just started, while some are franchises. Some have come and gone. But to date, the most authentic, or probably the closest to authentic (as I am not a Chinese food expert), is Golden of Fortune Restaurant, located at the Luxur Place, corner Magsaysay-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. It is a Hong Kong-style restaurant that serves lunch and dinner daily.

Golden of Fortune
Golden of Fortune, despite its odd sounding name, is the restaurant of choice of many Chinese families in Bacolod. I could not count how many times we have dined in this place ever since I married into a Chinese family. But hubby and I never went here just the two of us for a date. It seems that the restaurant, with its big tables that can seat up to 12, was designed for big gatherings. It has the atmosphere for a gathering, a party, or just the shared meal of a big Chinese family. The restaurant has several function rooms and in the past, I would hear the groups in the other rooms playing cards for fun after their meal–their raucous laughter echoing all over the place.

Golden of Fortune Restaurant
The newly-renovated Golden of Fortune Restaurant is well-lighted and looks very clean and inviting. Kudos!
Golden of Fortune Restaurant
Golden of Fortune Restaurant.

But despite the good food, I never got the urge to write about them. Not until now. Maybe because I am so used to them and their food. Or maybe because I used to detest going there whenever I needed to use the rest room. The restaurant had been occupied by a couple of Chinese restaurants before them and so this is old. I felt the place needed a face lift seven years ago already but it was not only until this year that they have renovated the whole restaurant and even extended their space further inside the hotel in order to have more function rooms. The last time that we went here was probably a couple of months ago where we dined inside one of the new function rooms and the place was already renovated and spruced up.

fresh seafood aquarium
These aquariums house a variety of fresh seafood that Golden of Fortune serves. They have improved this area, too. But it also has a second purpose–it entertains the kids, like my toddler and the other little boy.

Golden of Fortune Restaurant Food and Prices
Golden of Fortune serves good food and so far, through the years, the quality has not deteriorated. But can you believe it that despite the number of times that we have been here, I have never taken a peek inside their menu? haha Each time we ate there, somebody had already ordered for the group, so we would just sit down and eat. But for my eldest daughter who is a picky eater, she would often eat a lot whenever we dined here.

Prawn salad
Our all-time favorite prawn salad at Golden of Fortune Restaurant. It has never waned in flavor and quality all these years. Consistent
beef with broccoli
Beef with broccoli at Golden of Fortune Restaurant.
Crispy noodles
Crispy noodles with shrimps and vegetables at Golden of Fortune Restaurant. I love the flavorful noodles.
Birthday misua at Golden of Fortune with lots of pork, squid, eggs, and oysters. Yum!

As for the price, I am not very sure because as I have said, I have not even held their menu even once, but I believe that they are more expensive than other Chinese restaurants. Not cheap, but reasonable because of the quality and taste. We always have a lauriat here, composed of different dishes. And among all that I have tried, so far, it is only the orange chicken that I don’t like. Everything else is good. Our favorites include their spinach soup, salt and pepper pork, birthday misua (that has oysters), steamed fish, beef with broccoli, and of course, our all-time favorite prawn salad served on a bed of lettuce, which is always present in all our gatherings. You may also check out their offerings on their Facebook page, but they don’t have prices. At least you have an idea what you can order there. They have a lot.

Peking Duck
These hanging Peking Duck, chicken, and pork asado at Golden of Fortune remind me of the streets of Hong Kong.
Spinach soup
Our favorite green soup–spinach soup! It is laden with chunks of shrimp and squid (or maybe cuttlefish?)
sweet and sour fish
Their sweet and sour dishes, like this fish, are among our favorites.
Orange chicken
Orange chicken at Golden of Fortune.

Visit Golden of Fortune Restaurant at Luxur Place, corner Magsaysay-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. For reservations, call them at Tel. No. (034) 434 9947.

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  1. Usually, the price is quite high, but not necessarily expensive. It is because they come in big servings…as you mentioned for gatherings. Take note that all the tables are round. That makes everybody see each other and though they end up talking louder, this makes it easier for them to talk to each other. And the lazy susan is a genius feature of the table so the diners can self-serve their food. Patience is a virtue that needs to be practiced though as the diners need to take turns in getting the food.

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