Fogo Grill: Latin American Fare and Roast Pork Wednesdays

Mexican ponchos
Hubby and I completed our Fogo Grill experience by donning Mexican ponchos and native hats! Yes, you can borrow these ponchos and hats from there for a photo opp!

When at Fogo Grill, you will certainly be transported to a Latin American locale with its colorful interiors, herb-infused aromas, and of course, flavorful food.

Fogo Grill is a Bacolod restaurant that’s been around for quite some time, owned by the Asparin couple Rey John and Mia. But at their old location, they can hardly be seen. Now, at their newer and bigger location, you surely wouldn’t miss them because they are now along a major thoroughfare.

Personally, there are days when I have a hankering for Mexican food, especially beef burrito, quesadilla, and nachos. And you can get them all nice and good at Fogo Grill. But they can also offer you more than that.

beef burrito at Fogo Grill
Beef burrito at Fogo Grill served with salsa (P95). It bursts with interesting flavors with every bite. You may also request for chimichurri and chili sauce if you wish.
carne asada at Fogo Grill
Thin slices of tender medium well beef served with parsley rice and salsa roja (P165). Generous portion for the price, I should say.

So a couple of Wednesdays ago, hubby and I went to Fogo Grill with the plan that I will have burrito and of course, their roast pork. Yes, they have this weekly event called Roast Pork Wednesdays. Rey John would prepare about 3 kilos of roast pork at their home along with the gravy and then he would bring it to the restaurant around 7pm, with many people already waiting for their share. We got there rather early at 6:30pm, already hungry, so we ordered my favorite beef burrito while hubby had carne asada (served with rice). Since we wanted to try something else that we haven’t ordered in the past, we had chicken fajitas as well. But then, I also wanted to try their peri-peri chicken (which was also served with rice), so we had one. If you think that sounds a lot, you should have seen everything on our table that night. hahaha

chicken fajitas at Fogo Grill
Chicken fajitas (P155). This could easily be a meal in itself already.
peri-peri chicken at Fogo Grill
Peri-peri chicken (P165). This is Portuguese style roasted chicken that’s served with parsley rice and bell pepper sauce. This is soooo good–tender and juicy.

By the time Rey John arrived, we haven’t finished our orders yet but were already quite stuffed. Yet, the aroma of the roast pork as he passed us by to the carving station was again enough to whet our appetites–so appetizingly strong. After he settled down, Rey John started carving and the servers buzzed around trying to catch up with everyone’s orders. It was like a attending a fiesta! Each serving is 100 grams at P80. Even if you order just this and rice, you already have a great dinner! The pork itself is already very tender and flavorful but it’s flavor is further enhanced with its special gravy. It is best consumed hot, smothered in gravy, and then chewed with the lean meat and the pork fat together. Relish it! Kanamiton!

Roast Pork Wednesdays
One of the slabs of roast pork before carving. P80 per 100 grams and served only every Wednesday night at Fogo Grill.
roast pork carving station
Rey John in action carving the roast pork.

The good thing about Fogo Grill is that they have many dishes offered and they are very affordable. Despite ordering that much food that night, I think we only racked about P600. Imagine that! And everything is soooo good!

Though we didn’t have it, it would be nice to cap your meal with guacamole (avocado) mousse made especially by ELG Foods. Yes, they serve it here.

guacamole mousse
A slice of the heavenly guacamole mousse at Fogo Grill. Made by ELG Foods.

The only downside of Fogo Grill that I see at this point is that their place is still relatively small for the number of people who want to dine there at peak hours. It is best to reserve a table especially if you are going there as a big group, even just on their FB page. But hey, that’s a good problem. Keep up the good work!

Note: Hubby and I went there on our own for our date. We paid for our own food. 😀

Fogo Grill
The happy wall at Fogo Grill where many people have their photos taken. Even their restroom has Mexican-inspired interiors.

Fogo Grill is located at the ground floor of the O Residences (you wouldn’t miss it because it’s in front of the building), Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm. They accept cash only at this time.

cheese quesadilla at Fogo Grill
Cheese quesadillas (P125). Great appetizer and also something that can appease the kids while the adults eat happily.
nachos at Fogo Grill
Nachos with salsa, ground beef, and sauce. Great for sharing!

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