Bespoke gifts by gifdo

Bespoke gifts by gifdo



Best gift items in one place.

GIFTDO for gift suggestions
Unique and personalized gift items can be found at GIFTDO.

We are all faced with those moments when we are at a loss on what to give the very important people in our lives. Sometimes, it’s the boss, the father you haven’t seen in a long time, the picky mom, the love of your life, or life-long friend. Sometimes we don’t know what they want or they seem to have everything. Or you don’t have time to go shopping in a physical store and spend the entire day hunting for the perfect gift.

One company understands this predicament, which is why we have the gift website GIFTDO specializes in unique and bespoke gifts that will surely excite the receiver.

Based on statistics that pertain to men’s and women’s behavior when shopping for gifts, GIFTDO has teamed up with some of the best and unique gift suppliers in the United Kingdom in order to deliver unique, thoughtful, and creative gifts that can all be conveniently purchased in one place. Because of research, they are able to pick and match gifts according to gender, personality, and lifestyle of the receiver.

​I browsed their online catalog and my eyes popped with the beautiful and one-of-a-kind, sometimes personalized items that I can purchase. Plus, it helps much that the items were photographed beautifully and the buyer is given the chance to view the item from different angles. 

Giftdo gift suggestions for men
Drinking rocks for some very select men who love their drinks on the rocks.


For me, one of the most difficult items to buy are for the men in my life, like my former boss, my father-in-law, my father, my husband, and sometimes some very important people in my circle. I have a several that caught my fancy, but I especially like the Drinking Rocks. I already have several people in my mind whom I will give them, too. And heck, if you have a gay uncle, you will still find something there for him. I think my gay friends would love the inflatable flamenco, especially if they love traveling and posting IG-worthy photos.

Giftdo gift suggestion for men
A classic watch like this will surely be remembered and used by your favorite man.


Personally, I love the Rose Gold Jewelry Box, the Couple’s Wine Glasses, and the Personalized Bright Idea Lightbulb Cocktail Glass. And oh, every mom would be very happy to receive an engraved personalized Infinity Necklace. And oh, don’t forget the Unicorn Make Up Brushes. I know someone who will be really crazy to receive them!

Giftdo gift suggestions for women
This is a lovely gift that even I would want to receive.
Giftdo gift suggestions for women
A make up artist friend of mine would surely enjoy this.

Free Shipping

Aside from their merchandise being reasonably priced, they offer free shipping, even for multiple orders. This is really a come-on. Imagine, you don’t have to drive all the way to the store. You save on time and gas. Plus, your orders will be delivered at your doorstep without shipping charges. It can’t get any better than this.

Giftdo gift suggestions for women
I especially like this. hihi And I’m sure a lot of homemakers would want this in their collection.


And yes, they do entertain returns. If your item was damaged or somehow you want it changed or return, they entertain returns. You can just email them at

So next time you need to source out an impossible gift, don’t fret. GIFTDO is here for you. It’s your one stop shop for personalized and bespoke gifts.

4 thoughts on “GIFTDO for BESPOKE GIFT TO VIPs

  1. That’s a cute unicorn brush!
    However, bespokes needs to be one of a kind, unique.
    And I think this unicorn brush set wouldn’t be called bespoke anymore, because I see tons of unicorn makeup brushes at cheaper prices.

  2. OMG I need those brushes in my life, I’m probably only going to end up using like a few, but I NEED them! 😛 LOL

    True! So hard to shop for other people especially if they’re close to you, children aren’t counted of course because as a Mom, I know what the kids want and need, the husband is a different story though. It’s been years since I last shopped on my own without asking the husband exactly what he likes, I’ll definitely check this website soon and see if I can get something I think he’ll like 🙂

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