Novuhair Owner Agora Award

Novuhair Owner Agora Award

NOVUHAIR CEO Bags Agora Award 2016

Sheila Mae Velilla at the Agora Awards

Nutramedica, Inc. President and CEO Sheila Mae Velilla was awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship – Medium Scale at the recently concluded 37th Agora Awards. Held last October 26, 2016 at PICC, CCP Complex, the Agora Awards recognizes individuals and organizations for exceptional marketing skills and strategies. It is touted to be the premier marketing awards body in the Philippines and sets the high standards of excellence in the industry.


About Nutramedica

Nutramedica is a homegrown 100% wholly-owned Filipino enterprise that manufactures and distributes the brand Novuhair, an acclaimed line of products that addresses hair loss. Moving in an industry dominated by giant multinational pharmaceutical companies, Nutramedica’s tenacious rise from its humble beginnings as a microenterprise is highly laudable.  Thanks in large part to its creativity and innovation, the company has become a major player with a well-established niche in the industry.

Velilla founded Nutramedica in 2004. They started developing beauty and healthcare products out of natural and mostly indigenous ingredients. They are one of the pioneers in the commercialization of virgin coconut oil (VCO) and gained wide success with the slogan “healthiest oil on earth.” This led to its acquisition by a big company.

Nutramedica continued to create more VCO-based skin care products and hit the jackpot with its latest, and now banner product – Novuhair, nature’s answer to hair loss.  This breakthrough solution for hair loss is made of 19 herbal ingredients and are marketed in different products — topical scalp lotion, herbal shampoo, and herbal conditioner. These effectively battle the effects of hair loss and help enhance and restore one’s mane.

Launched in 2009, Novuhair enjoys tremendous success until today.  It is widely accepted not only here in the Philippines, but also in other countries. It is also set to enter the international market, starting with the United States in December of this year.  Such bold, yet timely, move of the company to export Novuhair to the US and eventually the Middle East also opens the opportunity for proudly-made local products to penetrate the global arena.

Novuhair’s popularity and market leadership may be attributed to the company’s initial market study coupled with the right timing, as well as smart use of resources by coming up with an effective tri-media campaign best described as low-budget yet high-impact marketing.

Leveraging on its organic growth from a microenterprise to medium scale with over 30 employees in a span of 12 years, Nutramedica continues to further develop, market and distribute high-quality goods that could bring honor to the country. The firm raises the bar in entrepreneurship with its faithful adherence to best business practices, such as provision of high quality products and excellent services, adaptability to market trends, constant innovation, diversification of trade, and most importantly, giving back to society.

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people”, Velilla quotes Steve Jobs when asked what’s her secret to success in this competitive business of beauty and healthcare.  “We at Nutramedica also adhere to our core values of integrity, trust, fairness, discipline, humility, leadership, teamwork and faith in God. That’s our winning formula,” Velilla further adds.

Where to Buy Novuhair Products

Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, Shampoo, and Conditioner may be purchased in all Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drug stores nationwide. For more information visit You may also call the Novuhair hotlines at 4136570 and 09228830575 or order online at Lazada and

Novuhair Facebook Page: Novuhair Official

Twitter: @NovuhairNatural

Instagram: @novuhairofficial

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