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Fanlife is the virtual space for K-Culture followers.

Fanlife by 917Ventures: The Marketplace for K-Pop and K-Drama Fans

Fanlife is the ultimate marketplace experience made for every K-Pop and K-Drama fan.


Are you a K-Pop fan? Do you avidly watch K-Dramas? Do you have favorite Korean celebrities? Then Fanlife is the virtual place for you. Read more about it and how you can bring your fandom to the next level.

What is Fanlife?

Fanlife is the ultimate marketplace experience made for every K-Pop and K-Drama fan. This is 917Ventures’ new offering to bring K-Culture supporters all over the country closer to their favorite artists.

With the pandemic suspending live tours and appearances, artists and fans alike have been trying to rekindle their connection with one another. This is usually done through social media, virtual shows, and merchandise. And Fanlife brings exclusive experiences and official goods.

Seeking to expand the reach and engagement between local and international artists and their supporters, Fanlife boasts of an immersive experience for fans.

What to Expect?

On the platform,, fans may learn more about their favorite artists through exclusive content. Moreover, they get a chance to meet them via online live events.

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They may also show their love for their favorite artists with collectibles and merchandise available on the e-commerce site.

“Fanlife connects you to your favorite artists through exciting experiences, bringing you closer to them with just a click. You may also discover your new favorite artist,” said Aya Villa-Real, the Venture Builder of Fanlife. Additionally, fans can also be a part of their favorite artists’ communities all within the website.


Fanlife was one of the selections from the first batch of the Velocity program, a 917Ventures initiative geared towards helping aspiring entrepreneurs. It is supposed to help them from ideation to execution with the goal of building a successful business that would progress on to ultimately becoming a standalone entity.

“We believe the best ideas and ventures come from such a diverse entrepreneurial base in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. As such, Velocity provides venture builders the opportunity to build businesses leveraging on the advantage of operating within 917Ventures and Globe,” said Vince Yamat, 917Ventures Managing Director. For more information about 917Ventures, visit

5 thoughts on “Fanlife by 917Ventures: The Marketplace for K-Pop and K-Drama Fans

  1. 917Ventures is perfect for me, as a kdrama & kpop fan this is the perfect marketplace where you can buy authentic & orig merch. Btw, Kpop fangirling is my thing hehe. I stan BTOB (I’m melody “fandom name”) and I also stan Red Velvet (I’m also Reveluvs “fandom name”).

      1. Yes Mommy Sig! I’m a (melody) official member of BTOBPH fans club here in PH hehe. Kumpleto ako mula lightstick, banner, post cards hanggang albums hihi. Grabe ako mag-fangirling mommy, ubos pera tlagaa para sa merch hahaha. Super fan din ako ng kdrama, diko mabilang lahat ng napanood ko 😊

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