Frozen cake

Elsa Doll Cake by Bacolod Cupcake Cafe

Elsa the Frozen Fever Cake by Bacolod Cupcake Cafe


Elsa the Frozen Queen —
the coolest queen of Disney movies (literally)
immortalized in cake by
Bacolod Cupcake Cafe. #Bacolodcakes

Elsa Doll Cake, Frozen cake
Our little girl’s beautiful Elsa Doll Cake by Bacolod Cupcake Cafe. Backdrop by Gigglebugs.
Elsa Cake, Frozen Cake
Shane Turns 3 with an Elsa cake by Bacolod Cupcake Cafe.

Our second daugther celebrated her third birthday last month and we put together a Frozen-themed birthday for her. We just wanted something simple but by God’s grace and provision, she got the coolest party evah (figuratively) hehe. Now only does she like Elsa and the Frozen movie, here’s how we landed her Frozen-themed birthday party.

– Her older sister already had an Anna costume.
– A friend of ours had an Elsa costume that can fit Siobe.
– We had special ice scramble for dessert.
– Gigglebugs offered to do the decorations and favors. (story to come)
– Bacolod Cupcake Cafe did her cake

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And what an Elsa Doll Cake it was! Our daughter had a little Elsa doll, which the cake makers dressed up in gum paste and the result was awesome! The details were so intricate and I could not help but take pictures of the minute pieces that make the pretty whole. I just added the Olaf character because we like him, too. Another plus was that the cake was made of ube cake with macapuno filling, which made it all the more worth while to eat. But before eating, I made sure that I took lots of pictures of the details. Good job, Bacolod Cupcake Cafe!

Elsa cake, Frozen cake
So first the hair. I gave them a doll with scraggly hair because I didn’t know how to fix it. But voila, it looked wonderful!
Elsa doll cake, Frozen cake
The totally recreated the dress. It was a perfect fit!
Elsa Doll Cake, Frozen cake
Elsa’s poofy skirt was all made of layers of gum paste.
Elza Doll cake, frozen cake
Look at the sleeve.
Elsa doll cake, Frozen cake
Snowflake in hand.

Bacolod Cupcake Cafe
Hilado Street, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
in front of Hua Ming
Tel. No. (034) 435 2171


Elsa Doll cake, Frozen cake
And look at that shoe!!! Awesome, right?
Elsa doll cake, Frozen cake
The Elsa Doll cake when sliced–it’s ube-macapuno flavored!

Come and visit Bacolod Cupcake Cafe. They are open daily, from 9am to 8pm at Hilado Street, Bacolod City, in front of Hua Ming. For inquiries, call Tel. No. (034) 435 2171. And don’t forget to bring your camera with you when visiting them. You wouldn’t want to miss a photo opp there. 😀 You, too, can experience the magic.

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