Temox insecticides

Temox insecticides

Effective, Affordable, Environment-friendly Temox Multi-Insect Killer


Our house is located in a commercial district but the lots on both our sides are unoccupied. That is the reason why we have cockroach and mosquito infestation—we just cannot clean three yards at the same time.

With that, I always have an aerosol canister of insecticide at home. That way, I can easily spritz a pesky bug when I see it (especially a cockroach). And anyone else can do it for that matter, because none of us really like squashing bugs. I also use it to routinely spray the rooms, restrooms, and the cabinets once a month (or whenever it seems a mosquito or two have found their way inside the bedroom).

Some of the products and sizes of Temox Multi-Insect Killer.

But let’s face it. Aerosol insecticide sprays can be expensive. One tall can (600ml) lasts us about 1 ½ months only and so we have to buy another one. Thankfully, I found out that there is a more budget-friendly alternative but just as effective–Temox Multi-Insect Killer.


Temox is carrying several products under its brand. They have the Temox Multi-Insect Killer Aerosol that comes in kerosene- and water-based with the following sizes: 100ml, 300ml, and 600 ml. They also have the Temox Multi-Insect Killer Liquid, which you can use to refill the Temox Spray Gun. The liquid comes in a 100ml doy pack as well as 250ml and 500ml bottles. Clearly, you have a choice on what fits your budget for the month. Lastly, they have the Temox Roach and Ant Killer Chalk that’s specifically targeted for these two pesky crawling insects.

These are the liquid containers. You can use them on the Temox Spray Gun.

Temox Multi-Insect Killer was developed by dedicated, licensed chemists to ensure quality and safety in the formulation of all their products. It is potent towards insects but safe for household use. They use only biodegradable materials for it is safe for the environment.
I tried spraying Temox inside our bathroom cabinet and behind the water closets where insects usually lurk. The smell was not so strong and after a few minutes, the smell of kerosene dissipated, leaving a rather citrusy smell.

When I came home tonight, I immediately went into the toilet and lo and behold, a cockroach on the floor! Thankfully, my new Temox Multi-Insect Killer aerosol canister was within in arm’s reach and in two spritzes, the pesky bug was already lying on its back, flailing its legs. But I got too carried away and spritzed some more, although it was already unnecessary. When a cockroach is already lying on its back, it will soon die. But I panicked, sorry, hence the extra sprays. The smell of the spray went inside our bedroom, making my husband complain. But when I turned on the fan, the smell went away in a few minutes. I love this product! Powerful!

The cockroach I killed tonight. I can’t stand the sight of it so I blurred it. hehe

Temox Multi-Insect Killer is safe for household use. But as with any insecticide, direct contact on the skin should be avoided. The hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and water after handling the products. Of course, Temox should not be swallowed and should be allowed to reach the eyes. For routine spraying of a room, you should spray in the air and about 12 cm from surfaces. Close the room and allow product to dry for 30 minutes before airing out. If you want to clean the surfaces, wipe off with soapy cloth.

Temox is making itself known and relevant to the society by actively involving the brand in community awareness, like their anti-dengue campaign. Yes, we really need the support of such companies if we are to eradicate dengue in our midst.

Temox anti-dengue campaign. Photo from the Facebook page.
Campaign posters on tricycles encourage people to fight dengue in their community. Photo from the Temox Facebook page.

At present, Temox Multi-Insect Killer is only available in selected stores in Luzon. I am hoping that they will start distributing nationwide this year.

Outlets of Temox in Luzon.

To learn more about Temox Multi-Insect Killer:
Website: www.Temox.ph
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/temox.ph

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