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Bring your travel excitement to the next level and drive with confidence by properly preparing for your next road trip. 

Drive With Confidence During a Road Trip

Bring your travel excitement to the next level and drive with confidence by properly preparing for your next road trip. 


Many of us experience work stress that we just want to head out during the weekends to anywhere our car will lead us. For adventure-seekers, hitting the road is already their much-deserved rest. As you plan the best weekend getaway, it pays to prepare. Transform the excitement and drive with confidence by preparing for the journey. 

How to Drive with Confidence During a Road Trip

Here are a couple of tips that can guide you on your trip and enable you to drive with confidence during your weekend trips. And no matter where the road leads you, you are guided well by these tips. 

Plan your trips and know your stops 

A well-planned route sets the foundation for a confident road trip. Utilize navigation apps, study maps, and be aware of rest areas and points of interest along your route. Knowing where you’ll stop for breaks not only adds structure to your journey but also ensures you’ll have the necessary resources, from fuel stations to amenities. 

In Negros Occidental, keep the numbers of Javin’s Towing Services handy.

Pack smart and prioritize bringing essentials 

Confidence is built on preparedness. Ensure your vehicle is equipped with essentials like a spare tire, jack, jumper cables, Prestone Car-Specific Coolant 1L for top-off, and a first aid kit. Comfort items, such as snacks, water, and entertainment, make your journey more enjoyable and stress-free. A well-packed vehicle is a confident vehicle. 

Make a weather check and prepare for the worst-case scenario. 

Weather can be unpredictable, especially on long journeys. Stay ahead of the curve by checking weather forecasts for your route. If rain is in the forecast, ensure your windshield wipers are in good condition, and consider applying a water-repellent solution to enhance visibility. 

Take stopovers and breaks in between 

Long stretches of driving can lead to fatigue. Combat this by taking regular breaks to stretch, hydrate, and rest. A refreshed mind leads to better focus and, consequently, increased confidence behind the wheel. This is also a chance to explore new places along your destination and check out local delicacies that may surprise you.

Prep your vehicle using Prestone Car-Specific Coolant 1L 

Confidence on the road begins with the health of your vehicle. Regular maintenance checks, including tire pressure, oil levels, and brake conditions, are imperative.

For optimal protection of your engine during long drives, consider using Prestone Car-Specific Coolant 1L. Tailored to specific car brands and armed with Cor-Guard™ anti-corrosion technology, it works immediately to stop the spread of rust, grime, and corrosion and provides instant protection against overheating, providing the reliability you need for an extended road trip. Only Prestone provides this level of protection and technology. 

The Car-Specific Coolant 1L is available in RED, BLUE, and GREEN color variants.  

  • RED COOLANT: For all Toyota®, Lexus®, and Scion® vehicles, all years 
  • BLUE COOLANT: For all Honda®, Nissan®, Subaru® vehicles, pre-2009 to 2011 & Newer 
  • GREEN COOLANT: For all Suzuki®, Hyundai®, KIA®, Mazda® Mitsubishi® vehicles, pre-2009 to 2011 & Newer 

Right color, right formula, compatible with your car. 

The Car-Specific Coolant 1L is available at a suggested retail price of PhP300 per bottle and can be purchased at Prestone’s partner stores and auto-supply shops nationwide, including the Clorox Official Stores on Shopee. Prestone strongly urges customers to ensure the authenticity of their purchases by buying from these authorized outlets, thus preventing potential accidents or vehicle damage. 

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