How to travel with the least stress

HOW TO TRAVEL With the Least Stress


Minimize travel stress
with these simple tips.

Traveling for the purpose of going on a vacation is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. You try to pack in the most fun so that you can maximize you trip. If you could only stay awake the rest of the time, I’m sure that many would do that. Well, I know that I would if only I could.

There are basically two types of travelers: a) those who do it at the spur of the moment; and 2) those who plan ahead of time. Each has its own doses of pleasure as disadvantages. What the other sees as an adventure may be stressful for another. The former is not easily stressed so let’s focus on how to make the latter kind of traveler as stress-less as possible.


HOW TO TRAVEL With the Least Stress

travel tips
Travel light–makes your vacation so much easier. Image from the internet.

Travel Light

Leave unnecessary things at home. But do pack things that you would need, especially the ones for emergencies, such as things that will not be easy to get or purchase when you are in the middle of nowhere, like a flashlight, small knife, sanitary napkins (for women), alcohol, light clothing (those that can easily dry when laundered and would not need to be ironed), digital camera, and extra batteries. Carrying unnecessary load takes the fun out of the trip because of the heavy load you need to carry around. If you are going to hire somebody to carry your stuff, you may be charged dearly.

Do Some Research

Familiarize yourself with the place you intend to visit. Know some words and phrases if the people there speak a language different from yours. Know the culture and what makes the people mad so you can avoid faux pas or worse, getting jailed. If you are visiting China, Japan or Saudi Arabia, familiarize yourself with the written characters. At least you will know where the right restrooms are.

Be Wise With Your Time and Money

It always takes longer and costs more than you think. If you have no problem with money, then that is good. But for most people, there is always not enough money, nor time, especially during traveling. Celebrate at the last day of your trip when you have more than enough and you are on your way home. You can do this by having a nice meal or doing some shopping. When you buy souvenirs for friends and family back home, buy small keepsakes as much as possible so you don’t have to add to your luggage weight unnecessarily.

Keep That Camera Ready

Make sure that you have downloadable memories to keep. Have extra storage and batteries for your digital camera and lug them around. Keep it safe, too, especially if you have water activities. Bring a cover to keep from getting any water in your precious equipment.

Make Friends

It’s nice to meet new friends on a trip, whether fellow tourists or locals. It would be nice to have someone to converse with during long trips or to ask somebody to take your photo. They also add more fun memories to your trip.

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