Hyalift by Skin Station

Hyalift by Skin Station

Dermax Hyalift Eye Repair Duo at SKIN STATION Clinics in the Philippines

The Hyalift Eye Repair comes in two bottles for morning and evening use.

I am one whose eyes are always abused. I keep going to the doctor for my headaches and sore eyes but they all keep telling me that I should not spend too long a time in front of the computer screen and even if I do have a lot of work, I should take frequent breaks and look at distant objects, preferably plants. But well…

Anyway, I have eyebags, dark under-eye circles, and of course premature wrinkles on my under-eye area. Honestly, I am no longer expecting drastic results from any product unless of course I undergo a face lift. I have so many skin problems already that I don’t count them anymore.

But when I got the Dermax Hyalift Eye Repair Duo from Skin Station, I was excited to try it…I mean them. They are supposed to erase fine lines, reduce puffiness, and lighten dark circles. Each packaging worth P599 comes with two roll on bottles, one for application in the morning and the other before bedtime. You go through your normal skin care regimen and apply this last. You simply had to use the roller to apply some liquid under your eyes from the outside in and then let your ring finger gently spread it out over the area for maximum absorption.

The Hyalift Undereye Repair Duo comes in roll on bottles, allowing you to massage under your eyes a bit as you apply. The metal balls have a cooling effect, too.

Before I started using it, I had my husband take a photo of my eye area so that I can make a comparison. I used the Hyalift Undereye Repair for four consecutive days and nights, and I was surprised at the results. When I look in the mirror, I couldn’t see the difference. But the camera lens don’t lie.

When you apply it, you immediately feel the cooling effect. After a few minutes, I felt that the skin was tightening gently, like the skin under the eyes was being lifted. I love this sensation at night because it makes me sleepy that I feel like going hitting the sack immediately, which means, I get to rest my eyes early.

Hyalift Eye Repair is made from “clinically backed anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients” that were blended with powerful microcirculation boosters, the finest skin vitamins, and advanced moisturizers for this one of a kind formula. Ingredients are nanosized and encapsulated for faster and consistent results, says the Skin Station website. On the packaging, it says that the main ingredients are nanohyal complex, tourmaline, and caffeine. This product was also formulated by Dermax and Skin Station Founder and CEO Fred C. Reyes, who is also a licensed and awarded chemist.

I think that for its price, Hyalift Eye Repair Duo is already very reasonable because you already get two bottles. And it does work. That’s the most important features–they are affordable and they work–perfect for the Pinoy budget!

These photos were taken four days apart during the evening. The photo on the left is the before photo. Notice that I was almost squinting–I couldn’t even look at the camera straight. After 4 days, I look more relaxed because the muscles under my eyes have relaxed, too. I see some slight improvements on the texture and color, too. That is why I think that with continuous use, the area under my eyes will significantly improve.

Skin Station Bacolod is located at the third floor of the SM City Bacolod North Wing.

Website: SkinStation
FB Page: SkinStationPH

Note: I received these products for free for review purposes. All opinions stated are mine. I have tested the products and I still continue using them.

4 thoughts on “Dermax Hyalift Eye Repair Duo at SKIN STATION Clinics in the Philippines

  1. Hi Madam. How are your eye bags now? I am planning to purchase these products too. 🙂 Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. Hello po! While I used the product, the under eye area was well take care of. But when I stopped because of laziness, eventually, the puffiness and dark circles came back because of my late nights hehe

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