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Crem Shawarma Goes Mainstream with New Store


Crem Shawarma

Crem Shawarma
Malou Aguilar Legaspi personally serves customers on the opening day of Crem Shawarma at Triangle Island Plaza. #Bacolodeats

Crem Shawarma had been serving shawarma in a mobile food cart powered behind the St. John’s Institute for a couple of years now. Under the sun or the rain, they are there serving snacks and eventually shawarma rice, which a lot of students really love.

Last year, they were given the opportunity to open a stall inside the SJI canteen and so their mobile food cart became limited to serving their suki only during the afternoons.

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Crem Shawarma
Crem Shawarma makes sure that they only serve the freshest, good quality meat in their dishes.

But now, they have gone mainstream when they secured a place at the Triangle Island Plaza at Lopez-Jaena Street. They now have a cart there that opened yesterday, March 16, 2016. They started serving their usual fare of shawarma wraps, shawarma rice, shawarma balls, sisig nachos, siomai, and kalamantea.

shawarma rice by Crem Shawarma
Shawarma rice by Crem Shawarma. You can have it with chili or not. Your choice. We have ours with lots of chili sauce! P65
Crem Shawarma
Shawarm wraps by Crem Shawarma. Filling at only P59.
Crem Shawarma
Shawarma balls–beef enclosed in mashed potato, fried, and served with the shawarma sauce. A really good innovation that kids love!
Crem Shawarma nacho sisig
Nacho sisig by Crem Shawarma. Sooo good!

Aside from their tasty and quality food, I think what contributed to the success of Crem Shawarma is the way the owner, Malou Aguilar Legaspi, treats her young customers. The students are like her own children, as these are also the schoolmates of her daughter Kyla. She takes care of them with passion. She tries to personally see to their orders when she is around. Sometimes, she holds simple raffles and discount promos at her mobile food cart. She would go with them during special events to make sure that they have something to eat and even cheer for them during basketball games. She has endeared herself to them that she is fondly called “Manang Crem”, though Crem is actually the name of her husband.

Additionally, Malou always makes sure that they only serve the freshest food to their customers. They only put 5 kilograms of meat on the shawarma skewer so that the meat does not stay long. In the afternoon, they would just reload another one as needed.

Crem Shawarma at the Triangle Island Plaza opens daily from 10am to about 7pm, or until supplies last. Visit them for lunch, snacks, or early dinner.

Update: They moved their cart to the back entrance.

Crem Shawarma
Dine in these breezy place on the side of Triangle Island Plaza.

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