Little Farmers Coffee - Cordillera coffee - Bacolod

Little Farmers Coffee - Cordillera coffee - Bacolod

Cordillera Coffee Available in Bacolod at Little Farmers Coffee at Lopue’s East


Little Farmers Coffee Bacolod Sells Cordillera Coffee

Jay Ramos of Little Farmers Coffee at his quaint shop in Lopue’s East.

What does it take to enjoy a cup of good coffee? It all starts with the coffee beans, of course. In the Philippines, one of the sought-after coffees we have is of course, Cordillera coffee that was grown on the heights of the province of Benguet.

Jay holds a scoop of Benguet coffee beans.

Jay Ramos, a retired three-termer Brgy. Captain from Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, decided to leave politics and pursue the business of coffee–specifically Cordillera coffee– the drink that he loves the most. He has put up a shop here in Bacolod City, which has made him a supplier to some of the Bacolod coffee shops.

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In his quaint little kiosk called the Little Farmers Coffee at the Lopue’s Easte Centre here in Bacolod City, you will often find Jay happily making coffee or talking to customers about it. He co-owns it with his daughter Nicky and her husband, Jan Dayle Bana-ag.

Coffee at Little Farmers

Little Farmers Coffee has different blends roasted in different ways and Jay would be more than glad to explain the variations. They also serve freshly brewed coffee of the day for only P35.

For a little extra fee, you can have the ground coffee of your choice packed in these airtight bags.

At present, they are only a depot selling both coffee grounds and beans. If you prefer to buy grounds, they weigh the beans and then ground it in front of you. Too bad though that they don’t have a coffee shop yet where you can lounge around and enjoy the coffee. But their customers always insist on getting a fresh brew to go because they just know the difference.

Brewed Coffee at Home

My husband also says that he likes their coffee. I am not much of a coffee drinker but my husband insists that he is not sure if it is the beans, the freshness, or the mix, but he truly appreciates the Sagada Dark Roast that was served to us during our visit.

Our Sagada dark roast brewed coffee served with muscovado sugar. My husband loves it!

“Coffee Tip: Use 1 Tbsp. of ground coffee for every cup of water to make an excellent brew, Jay says.”

At present, they have the house blend, which is a combination of Robusta, Arabica, and Excelsa, the Sagada medium roast, the Sagada dark roast, Benguet, Arabica, and Hazelnut. The beans are shipped regularly from the Cordilleras, so these are authentic highland coffees. Eventually, they plan to also market local blends. And if you want to try Civet Cat coffee, you can pre-order from them, too.

Little Farmers Coffee Bacolod - Cordillera coffee
If you are going to order for brewed coffee to go, they first weigh the beans, then grind it, before brewing.

Coffee grounds on the paper coffee filter.Visit the Little Farmers Coffee for beans, ground coffee, and coffee making equipment and accessories. They are located behind the supermarket of Lopue’s East Centre. You will not miss it because the aroma of coffee is undeniable. You no longer have to travel to Baguio just to enjoy Cordillera coffee. Just follow the scent.

Our coffee is now in this drip coffee maker at Little Farmers Coffee.

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Negros Highland Coffee

I can’t help but wonder though. While Don Salvador Benedicto here in Negros Occidental, Philippines is not as high up in the mountains as Benguet, it is pretty high and the temperature is quiet cool. Could we possibly produce coffee like that in the Cordilleras?

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4 thoughts on “Cordillera Coffee Available in Bacolod at Little Farmers Coffee at Lopue’s East

  1. I am a regular coffee buyer of Mr Jay Ramos coffee kiosk. I especially love their house blend and benguet dark roast.. far better than Tom n Toms ☕

  2. Thank you for this write-up.
    So this means Little Farmers really started in Bacolod? Farmers in the Municipality of Candoni in Southern Negros Occidental produces homegrown coffee (usually a mix of Arabica and Brazilian) and always available in their Public Market. Branded it as Ca.Fe – Candoni Coffee and tried selling in Cebu, and also online. Cebuanos love it!

    1. Yes Kaytee. Bacolod-based owners. Maybe you can approach the owners of Little Farmers? Will check out your coffee. My husband brews our coffee every morning. 🙂

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