Bacolod Eats: Rau-Ram (Saigon) Vietnamese Cafe Now Serving at their New Restaurant

The facade of the new Rau-Ram Cafe at the night. The front park is a spacious parking lot.

Rau-Ram Cafe in Bacolod City had humble origins. About 3 years ago, they opened their business that was then called Saigon Garden Cafe and Restaurant at Prk. Marapara 1 Zone 2, Brgy. Bata, Bacolod City–a garden restaurant at the side of the home of one of the owners–Sylvia Gerangue, serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine. They opened only at night and they close on certain days in order to replenish stock and keep everything spic and span.

But because of the authenticity of their food, the consistency of the quality, the personalized service, and the power of social media, they became a by-word among Bacolodnons and guests. These four elements come together because no matter how they made promotions but if the food is not good, they would not have lasted. Because of the small space, reservations would have to be made, especially if you came in big groups, to make sure that they can serve each and every one.

Eventually, it became inevitable that they needed a bigger space. But the path coming here was not easy. Sylvia and her business partner, Andrew Cadayday, had been looking for a spot to open up another shop in order to cater to a bigger market for a long time now, but it seems they were thrown with one challenge after another. But instead of getting daunted, they persevered in their old location and kept on serving people in the best way that they can. They kept on being faithful and true, even in the little things.

This landscaping greets you at the entrance.

Thankfully, they were able to acquire this 670-sq.meter lot across their old location and they built this new restaurant from scratch. It took a while to finish but the result is perfection. It is new, spacious, picturesque, and has more amenities, especially a parking lot! Yes, parking is no longer a problem, and their die-hard clientele who used to squeezed their cars in order to park on the side of a narrow road are surely going to appreciate this.

The main dining area with these beautiful wooden tables and chairs.

But despite their expansion, Sylvia, who has studied Vietnamese cooking in Ho Chi Minh many years back, is still hands-on in managing the place in order to maintain the quality of food and service that made them famous in the first place.

The patio is a scenic spot to dine.

We have seen how Rau-Ram has grown over the years and my family is very happy to be a part of it. I remember that when I first started coming here, I was still pregnant with my second child. And now, Sylvia invited us to cut the ribbon during their opening day because she said, we had been instrumental in making their restaurant known through social media. We were happy to oblige, but it was a rather awkward moment for us because we are not really used to the spotlight being on us. But we are just happy to promote them not only because their restaurant is home-grown, but the food is good and the owners are very gracious and humble. With that, I just want to say, Congratulations Rau-Ram Cafe and here’s wishing you more years and maybe more branches to come? God bless you!

The picturesque and cozy nook–if you want a wee bit of privacy.
The lavatory beside this painted wall.
Formal opening. Our family was privileged to be invited to cut the ribbon. It was rather awkward for us because we are not used to be in front of the camera. haha
Pho Bo – Beef and Rice Noodle Soup. A bestseller. They used to have these on specific days only and you have to make reservations because these sell fast.
Bun Thit Nuong – Grilled Pork and Rice Noodle Salad. This is especially good for those who want a filling but would not want the calories. This is already complete because it has carb, vegetables, pork, and nuts.
Banh mi is the Vietnamese Baguette sandwich filled with roast pork and pickled vegetables. They make their breads because the locally made baguettes have a different consistency.
Suon Kho Man – Braised Beef served with pickled vegetables. Perfect with steamed white rice.
Ga Chien – Five-spiced chicken served with Vietnamese fried rice.
A favorite drink at Rau-Ram is their iced coffee–Vietnamese coffee drip mixed with condensed milk and then poured over coarsely crushed ice. There is a reason for the coarse ice–Vietnamese usually linger during mealtimes and this kind of ice takes a while to melt.
Balut in Sweet Chili Sauce — sweet, spicy, with a hint of chili sauce.
Thai Pork Curry — a fusion cuisine.
Thit Kho Nuoc Dua – Pork Stewed in Buco Juice served on top of steamed white rice.

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  2. I like to visit this place. Where’s this located? Do you have a contact number? I’m from Escalante.

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