CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod


CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod

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The CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod promises a whole new level of superior movie experience for the people of Bacolod. Located at the 2nd floor of CityMall Mandalagan, the new cinema is the first of its kind in the City of Smiles.

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod
CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod is the swankiest Bacolod cinema at present.

After the opening of CityMall Cinema Victorias and Bacolod (Mandalagan) last December, CityMall Cinema Bacolod welcomes Bacolodnons to the new Premier Cinema.

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My husband and I along with other Bacolod bloggers thoroughly enjoyed our experience at the CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod. We watchedΒ The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman and it was a flurry of emotions, well, at least for me. I totally loved the movie, as the human struggle resonated in my life, plus, I loved the movie experience. I was able to cry in privacy. haha

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod
There are 40 of these CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod.

Physical Setup

Located at the second floor of CityMall Mandalagan, the Premier Cinema is just behind Cinema 1. However, you will have to walk several meters in order to reach the inside of the theater.

Watch the entrance going to the cinema:

Numbered Seating

When you buy tickets at the ticket booth, you can choose your seat number. There are only 40 seats–all plush, reclining lazyboy seats with motorized movements. All you need is to press buttons to recline or to sit upright. No struggling with your seats here, unlike the other lazyboy chairs I have tried.

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod
The controls of the lazy boy are on the right side, just below the arm rest.

Of course, with a limited capacity cinema like that, it’s a first come-first serve basis. We especially liked the row of D3 to D6–it’s just the right distance for me because it’s in the middle area of the theater. It’s not too near and not too far either.

And we really appreciate it that we couldn’t see the heads in front of us because each level is adequately elevated. There are no distractions at all as you watch your favorite show.

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod
The seat guides on the stairs.

All in – All out

The CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod follows the All in – All out rule, so you cannot have an encore. The seats, as I’ve said, is limited so your seats now will be someone else’s for the next show. Make sure to be at the theater minutes before the show time you want to be in.

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod
Movie snacks we had – hotdog and popcorn.

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod Price

For all the comfort and technological advantage of the CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod, ticket costs only P250. I think it’s such a great deal. There are no other perks, except for the movie viewing. But you can buy snacks outside, if you prefer.

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod
Ticket booth of CityMall Cinema Bacolod.

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod is the swankiest Bacolod cinema to date. Once you have tried catching a movie there, I don’t think you will want to go to other cinemas anymore. For so little the price difference, you get so much more in terms of comfort and privacy. So it’s totally worth the few extra pesos you will add on top of your regular cinema ticket.

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod
I like it here! So comfy!

But since it’s only just one cinema, the only disadvantage here would be the choices of the movies. I really hope that they only show worthy movies here. And judging from a good start in showingΒ The Great Showman, I think that they have great films being lined up at theΒ CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod.

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  1. love to ready your blogs when it comes to good food nice restaurant to dine in bacolod.i really wanted to bring my kids to Bacolod someday and explore greener bacolod city .More power to your blogs God Bless

  2. I’ve never been to citymall manda before but i think its time for me to pay a visit. Lol cinema is sooo posh! Im excited! 😍 thanks for doing a blog about this.

  3. Hope I’ll be at CityMall Cinema sometime and have a superb experience while watching my fav movies and spending a good times with my lovedones.

  4. I really love your blog Ma’am. I able to know the what’s latest in our city. Can’t wait to visit the Citymall Cinema. It looks so comfy. More power on your blog. God Bless! πŸ™‚

  5. I always enjoy reading your blogs, especially when it features the latest and trending cafes and restaurants here in Bacolod. As for City Mall Manda’s cinema, it looks fantastic! Looking forward to a movie date there with the husband and kids.☺️

  6. What a great experience you had madam! πŸ˜€ I’m looking forward na maexperience ko din po ang ambiance ni City Mall. 😘 So cute din po nung pillow. Perfect for my upcoming movie date with my hubby this coming Valentine’s Day. ❀ Hope to be one of your 3 lucky winners. Cross finger!! πŸ‘Œ

  7. Wow!!! Reading your post excites me more to try watching a movie at this cinema! It looks so cozy yet comfy and elegant!

  8. Nice ambiance, pang world class ang Cinema ng CityMall. I want to try and experience yung chair parang sobrang relaxing!

  9. Hopefully to win this cute popcorn pillow …
    for my kids 10-th bday next month i want to share this to her this cute Pop corn pillow …

  10. Wow nice! And I love to have 1 popcorn pillow for my little girl, I’m pretty sure she would love it very much! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  11. Nice blog about CityMall cinema premier.. Upgraded na pala mga sinehan ngayon.. Kasi last sine namin ng friends ko 2009 pa 😊😊 Sobrang tagal na pala πŸ˜… Thank you for sharing your experience maam..

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