Bacolod artist Beto Tiano paintings

Bacolod artist Beto Tiano paintings

Bacolod Artist Beto Tiano Embarks on New Path


Bacolod artist Beto Tiano on Art Rules

Multi-disciplined Bacolod artist Beto Tiano now focuses on visual arts. His works are on display at the Art Rules exhibit at SM City Bacolod until February 4, 2018 for Bacolod Arts Month. The Bacolod Arts Month is our city’s celebration as part of the National Arts Month (NAM) of the Philippines.

Bacolod artist Beto Tiano paintings
Bacolod artist Beto Tiano stands in front of his paintings that are on display at the SM CIty Bacolod, 2nd level, north wing, for the Bacolod Arts Month, until February 4.

Bethoven “Beto” Tiano is a Bacolod artist who has dabbled in painting and sketching all his life. He is also a musician who plays different instruments. But he has now focused his heart, energy, and ideas to create his impressions.

Government Service

Though not exactly fitting his profile, Beto had been with the Civil Service Commission for the last 19 years. He only left government service recently to focus on his art.

Bacolod artist Beto Tiano paintings
Three of Beto’s works on display. These are all for sale.

Looking back though, Beto thinks that working in a boxed eight to five office job may not have been so bad after all. Most people with creative temperaments would find it hard to settle in routine work, as they need fresh ideas constantly. But the sheer boredom of the ordinary might have been the creative motivation that his artsy pants needed in order to produce some of his best works.

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But now, Beto can already focus on his music and art, having bid adieu to a job that tied him but also kept him afloat just one year short of two decades.


Much of Beto’s inspiration comes from he classical masters but since he is a big fan of comic book illustrations, the simplicity of linear strokes have become vital in his works.

Bacolod artist Beto Tiano paintings
As a musician himself, Beto has a lot of renditions of iconic musicians, such as the Beatles.

Beto has acrylic paintings on canvas, pen and ink, and acrylic on board artworks on display. These are all for sale.

Aside from the visual arts, Beto is also busy with his musical endeavors. He fronts, performs, and writes for the long-running smooth/funk jazz band Nancy Brew, who plays regular gigs around Bacolod.

Bacolod artist Beto Tiano paintings
More of this Beto’s artworks.

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