A Lovely Photobook for My Daughter


Last Friday, we picked up my daughter’s 6×6 photo book from the post office. I ordered it from Artscow.com.

My 1-year-old daughter absolutely loved it! She must think that it is awesome to have your own book–I mean a book that has her face all over it. There were words on each page so she must think that it is like her own kiddie board books that we often buy for her. After that, I ordered another one, this time, it is about her first year–from her birth to her birthday, plus some other events in between, like the Christening, her “firsts”, and of course, her birthday party.

My daughter absolutely loves books. We have encouraged her to have a liking for books from when she was 4 months. She probably thought that reading is a great past time. She was very young then, but I thought of reading to her the four Brainy Baby books that our friend gave to her during her baptism. And whoa! Her eyes would really widen when I would open each page. She was really enthusiastic about reading. We would buy books from time to time and let her see that we also read. She is just so comfortable in the bookstore that one time, she was with my parents and they were looking for us. Our daughter led them to the Book Sale shop at SM City. She knew that we always frequented that place and she thought that she could always find Mama and Papa there.

I will be looking for a couple of Christening Presents next week because a classmate of mine will be holding the baptism of her youngest son on Christmas Day, December 25. So we will be having lunch with them. I will be a godmother so I think I will get the boy, who is already 7 months old, some books as well. I think that more than toys, it is best to impart knowledge and the love for reading to the child. So my gifts will be books. 😀 I just hope that they will encourage the boy to read.

By the way, as of yesterday, my daughter read the words on her flash cards! Well at least some of them, about more than 20 words. And I was so happy. We never really drilled her because she was always uncooperative. But she did read! I think it was amazing that without much instruction, she learned to read words!

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