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Online retailing is beginning to dominate over other forms of shopping as connected devices make it easier and more accessible. According to IMRG and Capgemini’s e-Retail Sales Index the growth of online retailing has reached a “tipping point” as mobile devices are taking over from desktops and laptops as the devices used to shop online. For the first time the index has been split to show the role of mobile devices in overall sales and shows how consumers are significantly changing their behaviour as they have increasing faith in e-commerce. Here are the pros and cons of different devices when shopping online for gifts for men:

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Apple started the tablet craze with the iPad and now it has grown into a huge market with every technology firm serving one up. The true benefit of a tablet is its ability to work on the move around the house. You can sit on your sofa comfortably and search through endless online retailers to source the perfect clothes, gifts and food. The larger screen size than a smartphone makes it more practical to use a tablet when online shopping at home through secure Wi-Fi.

The use of smartphones has become so perfuse that many retailers have taken steps to build mobile sites that improve functionality when used on a smartphone rather than any other device. This has enabled smartphone users to easily access online retail when out and about, which allows them to see prices in store then check online and buy from there they are cheaper. Smartphones and mobile sites have made online retail on the move not only achievable, but a safe and simple way to shop.

Laptops offer the best of both worlds when it comes to the accessibility across the home and the ability of a desktop. They may not be as easy to handle when lazing around the home, but offer desktop functionality with access to spread sheets, word and other devices to be able to track your spending and plan out your financial budget.

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There is a saying that if you want to fully concentrate on a task then you should focus on that alone. This is what a desktop gives you as you can sit at your computer desk with no distractions to shop frugally and with purpose. It is the perfect way to get something like Christmas shopping done in one go, so you don’t leave it to the last minute or spend too much when casually doing it on impulse while watching TV.

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