Bacolodnon: Andrei Battles the Big C, Show by the Bacolod Improv Group for His Benefit

Andrei Alitao, 8 years old. Photo posted with permission.

At first glance, you would think that the little boy pictured above is a happy and healthy and playful child–just like most kids his age. But what people don’t know is that, Andrei Alitao of Bacolod City, Philippines was once a cancer survivor and he is now battling another one.

As early as the age of four, Andrei was diagnosed with lymphoma–cancerous blood cell tumors that develop from lymphatic cells. To combat this condition, Andrei has undergone several chemotherapy sessions, surgeries, biopsies, and many hospitalizations. Thankfully, he went on remission, as the medical therapies applied to him seemed to have been effective.

Andrei before undergoing a scan.
Andrei still managing a smile while tests are being done.

But recently, after undergoing a regular PET Scan, it was learned that he has an impalpable tumor in his chest. The family was advised that he would require an immediate operation to remove the tumor and also determine its physiology. The surgery is both delicate and costly but it is needed badly because the treatment can only be started after the type of cancer is known. And the way to determine it is through a surgical biopsy.

Andrei goes to Trinity Christian School in Bacolod.

The family is appealing to everyone who might be able to extend help for Andrei’s medical and surgical needs. Please find out how below.

Andrei is now 8 years old and is very much aware of his condition. His young body and young mind have been through so many ups and downs. But he remains resilient, happy, and hopeful. Let us us give Andrei a fighting chance to beat his cancer. Let us pray for him and bless him.

If you would like to help Andrei, please find below the ways where you can donate money for his medical and surgical expenses.

Go Fund Me

Bank accounts for direct deposit
Account Name: Cyril C. Alitao
BPI Savings Account: 1056059167
BDO Savings Account: 3040061431

Support ABC show at the Crate Bar and Kitchen on September 5, 2015.

Incidentally, the Bacolod Improv Group is holding a show on September 5, 2015, 9pm at the Crate Bar and Kitchen for the benefit of Andrei. Entitled Support ABC – Andrei Battles the Big C, each ticket costs P250 and comes with a free beer. Crate is located at 18th-Lacson Sts. For information, call Crate at (034) 703-2516. For tickets and reservations, refer to the numbers on the poster.

BIG will show in full force on the Support ABC show clockwise from top left, Josh Ian Motus, John Arceo, Kurt Steven Soberano, Elian Jason Quilisadio, Elwah Gonzales, and Eero Martinez.

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