3 Accessories to Keep Warm on Your Bike This Winter

Most of the bikers I see in the movies wear leather jackets like this lady. But I can’t imagine wearing it where I live. Photo by Iman Dugeno of Iman Dugeno Photography. Model: SMae Ranning. MUA: Elaine Caguiat

Are the cooler months ahead going to keep you from riding your bike? The answer should be no as there is many accessories available now to keep you warm during winter. Here are three items in particular that will keep you nice and warm.

Arm Warmer Netti S/Roubaix

The arm warmer is a handy alternative to wearing a jacket or an under suite, as it covers you from your wrist up to the sleeve of your jersey. Both jackets and under suites can be uncomfortable to ride in, not to mention inhibit your ride, so arm warmers provide a better option for some riders. An interesting feature to the Netti S/Roubaix is that after you’ve set off and are feeling warm, you can peel the arm warmers off and store them in the pockets on your jersey. This you cannot do with either jackets or under suites, which can overheat you of course.

They are made from fleece back, Italian super Roubaix material. The arm warmers also has rubber grip bands to hold in place, as well as reflective logos to increase visibility to others and adds to the safety of the rider.

Dakine Exodus Gloves

Gloves are an essential part of bike riding, even if it’s not cold. But in the winter months this pair of gloves will not only protect your hands, they will keep them warm as well.

Like most pairs of bikers gloves, the Exodus’ are split into two main parts – the back and the palm. The back of the hand on the Exodus is made of 4-way stretchable nylon that keeps out moisture from the hand. The palm is made from Clarino synthetic suede and has 2mm of foam padding to reduce fatigue on the hand. The palm is seamlessly constructed in one piece to make the gloves more durable.

It features an adjustable hook and loop closure system that most riders will be familiar with. The Exodus also features micro fleece thumb panels and silicone gripper fingertips to give you more feeling than the ordinary pair of gloves.

BBB Comfort Leg Warmers

The BBB comfort leg warmers offer a great alternative to wearing an under suite or longer pants. They offer the comfort and support, as well as not hindering your riding abilities, that neither an under suite or long pants can offer.

This particular pair has been made with the rider in mind, with its four needle flat stitching, anatomic shape and rubber grippers it really is a comfortable accessory to wear during winter. It is made from thermo fabric, which consists of a make up of 11% elasthan and 89% polyester. It is vitally important to keep your engine on your bike warm, and the BBB comfort leg warmers available at 99 Bikes can do that as well as living up to their name, comfort.

So there are three reasons not to ditch the bicycle over winter. What is the most vital accessory for you over the cooler months? Are there any more suggestions to keeping warm when riding during winter?

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