Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotel

Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotel

Saltimboca Tourist Inn: Affordable and Homey Accommodations in Bacolod


Saltimboca Tourist Inn Bacolod

Saltimboca Tourist Inn is one of the affordable Bacolod hotels in Negros Occidental, Philippines. It has a garden setting that is very near the business district.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
Saltimboca Tourist Inn with its Mediterranean-Latin American villa design. Just a trivia, I designed the Saltimboca logo many years ago.

For the Budget Traveler

If you are a budget traveler, whether with your family or for a business trip, you would mostly likely prefer accommodations that are clean, comfortable, and secure, yet easy on the pocket or the company’s budget.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
The lobby with stained glass windows.

And you would like it to be near the city’s activity centers. That way, you can do your business or fulfill your plans without having to travel to and from the hotel for long periods. Getting stuck in traffic is such a waste of time, especially if you are staying in the place for just a short time.

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Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
A lone traveler checking in at Saltimboca Tourist Inn. Photo taken with permission.

Here in Bacolod City, you could get all those and more at Saltimboca Tourist Inn, which is located at 15th-Lacson Streets–in the middle of all the action in the city.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn Amenities

Salimboca Tourist Inn has many different rooms for different budgets and needs. They have rooms with a single bed and a fan as well as big air conditioned rooms for the whole family, complete with a dining and living room.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
Our presidential suite–big enough for a family of four with 2 y0ung children.

They have a restaurant that serves delicious meals, which you can partake inside the restaurant or in their darling of a well-kept garden. Except for non aircon rooms, all room accommodations at Saltimboca Tourist Inn come with a breakfast for two. For single air con rooms, the guest is entitled to one meal (naturally).

Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
The kids enjoyed relaxing on this nice and comfy bed.
Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
The dining and receiving area of our presidential suite. It doesn’t have air conditioning but it does have a fan.
Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
Our toilet and bath with closets.

Spacious Parking

If you are from neighboring cities here in Negros Occidental or Negros Oriental with your own vehicle and you need to spend the night in Bacolod, you would appreciate that Saltimboca Tourist Inn has ample parking space within its gated compound. They also have a security guard 24 hours a day so your vehicle is safe.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
The swimming pool at Saltimboca Tourist Inn. Yes, there are rooms beside the pool.

Additionally, they have a nice pool for both kids and adults that closes at 10pm.

And what many people do not know is that, Saltimboca Tourist Inn has a big function room behind their hotel that can seat up to 200 guests in a dinner setting.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
The view of the pool at night. I tried to swim but at that time, it was just too cold. I love how serene the place is.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn Review

Saltimboca Tourist Inn is not a new hotel. It has been around for many years but the owners keep updating the place to give the best Bacolod accommodations possible to their guests.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
From the lobby, this is the hallway that leads guests to the rooms around the property. Yes, Saltimboca Tourist Inn is not a single building but many different buildings around the gardens.

What I like best about Saltimboca Tourist Inn is that the place has so many well-kept gardens all around. It is such a refreshing sight in the middle of the city and well, it is cool in the compound because of the many plants around that give off oxygen. I love plants so I love it here!

Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
The entire property has many well-tended pocket gardens like these.

Going around the property, you would find many pocket gardens and fountains and it is obvious that they have a full-time gardener taking care of the plants. If only all the Bacolod businesses have a high regard for plants such as Saltimboca Tourist Inn.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
The gazebo in the middle of the garden at Saltimboca Tourist Inn.

It is so relaxing at Saltimboca Tourist Inn. After a long day, it is nice to just unwind on the benches and chairs scattered around their many gardens and enjoy a drink.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
This dining area faces the garden. How serene to have your meals here.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn is also a family-owned inn with long-term employees on the helm. They are very helpful and friendly.

Saltimboca Tourist Inn

15th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Tel. Nos. (63) (34) 432-3617 or 433-3179

Find Saltimboca Tourist Inn on the map.

Note: The author and her family had a free overnight stay at Saltiboca Tourist Inn for the purpose of promoting the place. But all opinions are mine. The author was not compensated to write this article.
Saltimboca Tourist Inn - Bacolod hotels
Another pocket garden overlooking the lobby. Photo taken during the night.

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