Bacolod Fashion: The First Fashion Nouveaulution 2015 is Happening


FASHION NOUVEAULUTION — The first, the biggest, and the most glamorous fashion event in Bacolod is finally happening! On June 26, 27, and 28, Bacolod’s fashionable set are going to see the works of top designers from Manila and Iloilo as top models strut their stuff at the Orange Gallery, Art District, Lopue’s Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

On June 26, we are going to see the creations of John Rufo, Jun-G Candelario, and shoes by Seven Weekends.
The following day, it will be the turn of Jet Salcedo and Card Arcita. On the last day, they will feature the works of SXY, Jian Lasala, and Jbee Belediano.

The event is BY INVITATION only. The show will start at 6pm.

A sampling of the Fashion Nouveaulution–a mini fashion show during the presscon. Photo by Claire Algarme.


What is Fashion Nouveaulution
Fashion Nouveaulution is not just a fashion show. It is a month-long activity that featured pop up stores at Miren Cafe, Orange Gallery, Metro Inn, and a trade show. The three-night fashion show featuring clothes, accessories, and shoes designers is the culmination of all the activities.

The organizers are hoping that with this event, more Bacolod designers will join in next time and let their creations take centerstage. They are looking forward to holding another event before the end of the year, if logistics allow.

Meet the Nouveaulution Designers
Jian Lasala
Cebu born designer, Jian lasala, studied at the University of San Carlos and graduated Cum Laude with a double major degree in marketing and entrepreneurship. But despite his excellence in his university degrees, Jian was also passionate with fashion. He dabbled with designing on the side, which he started The passion that drives Jian lands him the first designer for Bench’s International Collection. Working hard in the industry he was also the first Fashion Specialist of SM and the first Fashion Designer of Stocked, inc.
With his humble beginnings and motivation to be successful in the fashion industry, Jian was able to join the Philippine Fashion Week at the age of 21. He still continues to strive being the best in his craft and this coming June 12, 2015 he is yet to wow the industry with his latest collection.

Jian Lasala from Cebu.

Jun-g Candelario
One of the sought-after fashion designers of today, the humble and kind-hearted Jun-g Candelario started his career at the age of 22. He used his knowledge in basic dress making from an school elective course in Lemery National High School in order to make his way in the fashion world. As a graduate of Architectural Design, his gowns show architectural lines and touches of Victorian and Bohemian inspiration.

He started showcasing his gowns in local pageants and soon enough, his designs were remembered because they are memorable and classic. With hard work, the right motivation, and the inspiration to go global, Jun-g pursued his dream to become an international designer. Last March, his designs were featured in FAME, Fashionista runway in Singapore. He is also known for his elaborate gowns for the Manny Librodo Workshops and various features in publications.

A couple of designs by Jun-G Candelario.

John Rufo of John Rufo Designs
John Rufo fell in love with fashion at a young age. His mom would bring him around Asia to buy clothes, bags, and accessories to sell in their shop in Manila. He started to save up money in order to buy the latest issue of Vogue and other fashion magazines. So even if he studied and graduated as a nurse, his one true love and passion is fashion.

In 2012, he started working with StylePh under the wing of Charmaine Palermo. With hard work and dedication, he landed his first show for Lee Cooper for the Philippine Fashion Week. Eventually, various projects came in, like the Marlboro party launches and parties. In 2013 alone, he styled six music videos for PHILPOP. Now, he is launching himself as a fashion designer. With his positive outlook and dedication for his craft, John Rufo is a promising designer to watch out for.

Sophisticated femininity, clever cutting, and sultry designs – luxe swim, resort, and intimates brand SXY has finally launched its capsule collection. Dubbed “Hey There, SXY” the collection features skin-baring yet refined pieces that are certain to bring out the inner provocateur in you. Drawing inspiration from geometric structures, this collection features clean lines and silhouettes hoping to create a new point of reference in flattering, sexy, and stylish wear.

Proudly made in the PH, SXY is the go-to brand of smart, sartorially savvy women with an eye for quality fabrics and beautifully sculpted designs. SXY is in fact short for the word “sexy” but more than just feeling sexy. With every SXY design, you are sure to feel glamorous, flirty and fun – all at the same time.

The SXY Babes
SXY is the brainchild of two overly hyper, fashion forward, and not to mention, almost always gallivanting individuals who accidentally found each other in the bustling city of New York.

Girlfriends L.A. Ferriols and Mia Crespo founded the brand just this April 2015. SXY began literally and creatively with L.A. and Mia taking up courses in fashion styling and brand management at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Weekly coffee rendezvous, late night dinners, and shopping dates turned into exciting brainstorming sessions and pretty soon, the foundations of SXY were born.
Avid fans of the Australian brand, Zimmermann, the two hope to follow in their idol’s footsteps, thereby making their own mark in the industry with outspoken designs and unapologetically sexy style.

A design by SXY

Ricardo Reas Arcita II for Card Arcita
He is making his name in Philippine Fashion Community as “Card Arcita“. He started sketching and designing when he was in high school. Back in those times, his mentors and instructors already saw his potential in designing that’s why he was recognized as one of “The Artists of the Year”. While teaching kids, he enrolled at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines (Makati Branch) on May 2013 and studied Fashion Designing and Illustration. He wasn’t able to finish the Designer’s Course yet one of his instructors, Xioti Chiu, saw his skills and potential. He asked Card to be his apprentice and assistant designer. Xioti helped Card to start in the industry. And while still learning, Card and Xioti helped each other to start and establish the fashion line of “Famo Xiete”, with an Atelier in Davao City.

Card then went back on his hometown and continued to reach for his dreams, expand his network, and empower his name and brand.

Mj Si of Seven Weekends
A visionary with a rare blend of entrepreneurial mind and innate shrewdness for style, MJ is responsible for all of Seven Weekends’s nifty and natty creations. Owing his influences from a great expanse— music, fashion, fine arts, cultures, and travels—MJ has developed a keen eye on detail and precision, which are both depicted in his craft. He also possesses intellectual prowess and commendable optimism. With an instinctive taste for sophistication and style, he often finds himself scouring the city for his wardrobe update and continuously growing shoe collection.

Mj Si of Seven Weekends.
Unique designs by Seven Weekends shoes worn by the models during the Nouveaulution presscon. The craftsmanship is fantastic! Photo by Claire Algarme.

Jbee Belediano of Avant Art
Jbee Belediano has a very strong passion for the fashion industry. Talented and motivated, he creates pieces that are amazingly beautiful. It may not be your everyday kind of accessories, but you would surely see the uniqueness in each pieces. This Negros-born designer will be launched as a full-fledged jewelry designer here in Bacolod City during Fashion Nouveaulution.


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