no sugar added snacks - Quan Delicacies - Bacolod pasalubong - Bacolod restaurants

no sugar added snacks - Quan Delicacies - Bacolod pasalubong - Bacolod restaurants

No Sugar Added Snacks Treats by Quan Delicacies


Quan Delicacies No Sugar Added Snacks

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy guilt-free snacks? Now, Quan Delicacies has developed no sugar added snacks for your to enjoy.

no sugar added snacks - Quan Delicacies - Bacolod restaurants
The basket of no sugar added snacks that I received from Quan Delicacies.

No Sugar Added Snacks by Quan

Bacolod is synonymous to sugar, to sweet smiles, and warm people. Even our main courses, snacks, pastries, cakes, cookies, and pretty much everything else is yes, SWEET.

While the concept might be nice, comforting, and homey, let’s face it, not everyone can eat sweet stuff because of health reasons. And that is why, the line of No Sugar Added snacks by Quan Delicacies here in Bacolod is a welcome treat.

Great Assortment

And this is not just one or two no sugar added snacks. This product line is almost 20 different items that do not contain added sugar.

These are wheat-based products as well local favorites like galletas, stick bread, rosquillos, rosquette, broas, and many more! You can bring them home, too, as Bacolod pasalubong. They have quite a pretty long shelf life.

Great Taste

And don’t you worry about the taste. It is not sacrificed at all because they are still sweet. Quan Delicacies just didn’t use sugar but a natural sweetener.

But as with all good things, you still have to consume these snacks in moderation. This is especially true if your blood sugar levels are already elevated.

no sugar added snacks - Quan Delicacies - Bacolod restaurants
Assorted no sugar added snacks from Quan Delicacies arranged on a salad tray.

These are great snacks that you can have with coffee, juice, or tea. And they are also great pambaon for kids, especially if you are concerned about their sugar intake! One time, we had a playtime tea party event for kids and I served different products on a Tupperware salad tray and they look awesome!

Visit the Quan branch nearest you and try these no sugar added snacks. Check out the branches of Quan Delicacies with their telephone numbers below.

Branches of Quan Delicacies in Bacolod:

  • *MC Metroplex, Northdrive – Tel. (034)4339987 or 7090677
  • *La Salle Avenue – Tel. (034)4346379 or 7085055
  • *Lopues Araneta – Tel. (034)4356559
  • *Gaisano Araneta – Tel. (034) 7078440
  • *Lopues East – Tel. (034) 7089095
  • *Robinsons Supermarket – Tel. (034)4761518

Manila branch:

  • 1797 Dian St. Palanan, Makati – Tel. (02)8335843
Note: The author was provided with a basket of these goodies to try and to review. All opinions are mine.

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