Bacolod Eats: It Is Fiesta Everyday at Virgelio’s Grill

Some of the dishes during the Seafood Buffet Day at Virgelio’s Grill.

The concept of the Pinoy fiesta where there is endless supply of different dishes throughout the day has long been practiced around the country. But of course, it only happens once a year, when a town or community celebrates their fiesta. However, in Bacolod City today, you can have it every day for lunch and dinner at Virgelio’s Grill.

One whole lechon during the Lechon Buffet day.

For only P170 per person, you can enjoy an all you can eat buffet spread of Filipino food that include pork, chicken, fish, vegetables, and seafood dishes. Plus sometimes, they have glutinous rice dishes like arroz ala valenciana and the native suman. Every Monday-Wednesday-Friday and Sunday, there are about 15 dishes plus lechon and all you can eat rice, of course. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, they are offering the seafood buffet. So their offerings are predominantly Pinoy-style seafood dishes without the lechon.

The buffet spread, or at least some of it…Can’t fit in the frame! haha
Steamed crabs and calamares.

Virgelio’s Grill is owned by Chef Jhun Celis, who has been a cruise ship chef for over 17 years before he decided to retire and take care of his family here while growing his restaurant business. I asked him a straightforward question about why his food is so cheap and if he is even profiting from it. Let’s face it, P170 is pocket change for many who can buy a fraps for P180/cup. Chef Jhun’s answer is simple–he wants people to be happy and satisfied whenever they go to his restaurant. “It’s like a fiesta here everyday.” People go in hungry and come out full and with smiles on their faces. That is most important for Chef Jhun and his wife, Rhodalyn. They say that they will charge double if you complain that you are still hungry after your meal. And this notice is posted on their door.

Happy customers.
Another dining serving herself.
Another diner filling her plate with lechon.
Left, the door sign that translates, “Those who leave the place without getting satisfied will be charged double.” Right, a customer’s message on their freedom wall. Yes, it’s a fiesta alright.

But of course, at this price, you should not expect first-class accommodations here. It is a humble restaurant with an air conditioned area but they also have tables and chairs outside if the air con area is full and if you prefer to smoke. You don’t pay for ambiance here but good food.

Dindin leaves an artwork on the freedom wall.

Chef Jhun is an accredited caterer at SMX Bacolod, so should you have an event there, you might consider hiring them, too. Eventually, they plan to open a branch along Lacson St. while maintaining their spot at Convergys, where they had been providing meals for several years now.

At Virgelio’s Grill, the drinks are affordable and they also have a dessert bar (not included in the buffet cover price) that offers tasty but really easy on the budget desserts.

Assorted affordable desserts. Sold separately.

Dining Tip: It would be good if you can come early, like 11am for lunch and 6pm for dinner. While their kitchen keeps cooking, some dishes are only good while supplies last and they just replace it with another one. Or maybe it’s just me, I would rather be first so that I can take nice photos. hehe

Virgelio’s Grill is located at B.S. Aquino Drive, Villamonte, Bacolod City, beside Munsterific. They are open daily, but their dishes vary every day. Please take note of the schedule: Buffet of assorted dishes plus lechon is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday while the seafood buffet is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Tel. No. (034) 709 9489.

Virgelio’s Grill is open from Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

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