Bacolod Biz: Fresh Start Organic Foods – Changing the Way People Eat


Fresh Start is a local company based in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, whose primary business is the production of organic fertilizer from locally available materials. They provide fertilizers especially for sugar farmers in Negros Occidental because they produce organic fertilizers on a large scale.And since they produce their fertilizers, they have decided to put up a demo farm that will showcase the products from using their fertilizers.

Eventually, the demo farm became a full pledged operations, producing the finest and choicest organic fruits and vegetables. Regularly, the produce lettuce (P120 per kilo), eggplants (P60 per kilo), tomatoes (P150 per kilo), and herbs such as basil, parsley, rosemary, and cilantro that they sell as potted plants. Prices start from P150, depending on how big the plant already is. They also produce fruits in season, such as rambutan P40 per kilo, cardaba bananas (P20 per kilo), and lanzones (P60 per kilo). I especially love their fresh lettuce and tomatoes, which I occasionally order from them. Sometimes I feel like a goat because I love to eat these leaves!

Last year, our family has consumed about 30 kilos of rambutan that we ordered from them.Aside from phone in orders, Fresh Start caters to local restaurants. Their products may also be availed at the Organic Market put up by the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental. The market is located at the back of the provincial capitol along Gatuslao Streets, Bacolod City.Aside from loving their products, I believe in the mission and vision of Fresh Start, which is to transform local farmers’ way of farming and people’s way of eating. The owners themselves are proponents of healthy, organically produced food and I am fully supporting their movement.

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