Thankful to HSBC for my Credit Cards


I am very thankful that HSBC approved my credit card several years back. As I do freelance jobs and don’t leave a paper trail, banks do not trust me, even though I have deposits with them. Fortunately, an agent for HSBC approached me one day while I was doing a project. He explained that at that time, HSBC had a promo and not much paper works were needed for me to apply.

I am so happy that my first ever credit card was approved–my very own Mabuhay Miles Visa, which I have used ever since. Eventually, I was offered to apply for an HSBC Red Mastercard where I got freebies from Janilyn shoes (sandals that I wore during my wedding day).

What I like about HSBC is that their phone banking is very efficient. Sales agents are very courteous. I have not encountered a bad experience with their call center agents. All my requests are quickly addressed.

At first, I have resorted to their online bills statement and I think it is very convenient. The online site is very secure–they even have a gadget that generates security codes aside from the password. At the same time, I get mileage from Philippine Airlines with my Visa Card with the Mabuhay Miles program. What’s more, I have travelled abroad twice and used the card everywhere and all the time my cards work. I also appreciated the fact that one time while I was in HongKong, I forgot to inform HSBC that I was going abroad. I bought a digital camera and almost immediately I got a call confirming if I was indeed abroad and using my credit card. Another secure instance happened while I was at my dentist’s. I charged the service to my HSBC credit card but since their terminal was still manual, the secretary was having difficulty using it. Right there and then, I got a call from HSBC asking if I was using my card at my dentist. Very efficient and secure service!

Up until now, I am using my two HSBC credit cards. Ever since that HSBC signed me up, other banks have been calling me but I have politely turned them down. They didn’t trust me but HSBC did and I am very happy with them and their products and services. My Mabuhay Miles Visa and Red Mastercard are enough for me.

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