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Bacolod bike riders in pink -- the most eco-friendly way of delivering food orders.

Bacolod Bike Riders Offer Eco-friendly foodpanda Delivery

You may often see Bacolod bike riders wearing pink with boxes strapped to the back for their bikes. These are foodpanda bikers who are part of the fleet who diligently deliver our food orders every day.


You may often see Bacolod bike riders wearing pink with boxes strapped to the back for their bikes. These are foodpanda bikers who are part of the fleet who diligently deliver our food orders every day. Read more about this environment-friendly option.

foodpanda Delivery Includes Bacolod Bike Riders

The world celebrates Earth Hour this March 27. With that, there is an urgent need to find new and better ways of taking care of the environment.

Biking is an eco-friendly, healthy, and efficient way to get around. With the Covid pandemic, riding bikes has also grown in popularity as a safer alternative to public transport. foodpanda harnesses this pedal power to offer an environmentally-sound solution when it comes to their deliveries. 

~ Bacolod bike riders in pink pose by the Provincial Capitol Lagoon where they are often seen resting between deliveries. ~

As it expands its bike deliveries outside of Luzon, foodpanda is providing livelihood to the local community while caring for the environment.

In the City of Smiles, there has been a significant increase in Bacolod bike riders.

Meet a Bacolod Bike Rider for foodpanda

Meet Mr. Fontleroy S. Trujillo, a foodpanda bike rider.

The 36-year-old from Bacolod finds enjoyment in being a biker and readily signed up with the foodpanda bike delivery program. He says that it holds a promising income, along with the benefits of good health.

Moreover, he enjoys the camaraderie and building friendships among other panda riders, the biking community, and his customers.

~ Mr. Fontleroy S. Trujillo gets his helmet and uniform. ~

“I have been a cyclist since 2010. So when foodpanda looked for bikers, I seized the opportunity to transform my hobby into an income-generating one. Aside from all other benefits of being a cyclist, this is the main reason why I settled on being a biker not a [motorcycle] rider.”

He is dedicated to taking care of his customers and does not let adverse conditions keep him from doing his job. He says with pride, “It is memorable when you see your customers very satisfied with your service.”

A Different Level of Food Delivery Service

foodpanda bikers are part of a different breed of heroes, caring for the environment while taking care of their customers.

With its push to bring bike deliveries to Luzon and other provinces in the country, foodpanda helps provide job opportunities to more Filipino bikers. Plus, they offer support and awareness on initiatives for road sharing in communities.  

“With the Covid pandemic still affecting many lives around the globe, it is about rethinking new ways of lessening environmental impact, such as the delivery of goods and services.” This was commented by Daniel Marogy, foodpanda Philippines Managing Director.

“We are in full support for our bike riders, who have chosen this alternative way of transport, as they efficiently bring our products safely to your homes. This commitment goes beyond Earth Hour, as we continue to look for more ways to help take care of the planet.” 

6 thoughts on “Bacolod Bike Riders Offer Eco-friendly foodpanda Delivery

  1. Maganda rin ang bike, dahil bukod sa safe ride na nakakapag exercise kapa. Support to all Bike-riders and delivery riders!

  2. Good Job para Sa mga Food Panda riders..Malaking tulong ito to less harmful air na gawa ng pollution from motorcycles..Nakakatulong din ito sa katawan nila kasi parang exercises na din..

  3. Ika nga ,a different level Ng delivery service,dito sa manila,iilan LNG tlga ang gnyn,at Hindi na mimaintain

  4. Goodjob FoodPanda, bukod sa makakabawas ito sa pollution, makakaiwas din yung mga riders sa mga serious accidents. Kudos for all the bike-riders/delivery riders for all your hard work.

  5. Talagang eco friendly ang food panda bikers. Bukod diyan nagsisilbing ehersisyo din ng mga food panda bikers ma.. Salutes to all Food Panda Bikers. Galing galing naman

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