Ann Puen Ube Cakes

Ann Puen Ube Cakes made with real ube

ANN PUEN Cakes: Taste Real of UBE


One of the best I’ve tried

Ann Puen ube cake - Bacolod cakes
Ann Puen ube cake made with real ube.

Ube (puple yam) is one of the most popular flavorings in Filipino food items because it is a common root crop in the country, it tastes good, and it has a wonderfully delightful purplish violet color. But sadly, these are just the only things that others offer–flavoring and color. That is because while white yam is more common, the purple one has a lesser supply and is also more expensive. That is why food items with real purple ube can be few and far between. And well, anything artificial is so much cheaper.

That is why I am so happy to have discovered ANN PUEN Cakes here in Bacolod. We have so many Bacolod cakes and I try to taste their ube cakes because I just love them, but I tell you, this one is a must-try. There’s just something nicely different about it and you have to try it to experience what I am talking about.

Ann Puen ube cakes
Grated ube (purple yam). These are mixed into the cake and frosting of Ann Puen ube cakes.

Made by Bacolod resident Ann Puen, her ube cakes are made from pure purple ube. So there’s no artificial flavoring. Sometimes though, she adds a bit of food color just for uniformity because the shades of ube can vary and we can understand that. The cake is moist with a custard filling that has just enough sweetness so it’s not cloying. The frosting, however, is something I’ve never had before. It’s ube halaya (ube jam) that’s made like yema. It’s so good that I eat all of the cake first and then leave the frosting so that I can eat it little by little and savor the flavor. Heck, I think she can sell the frosting separately as another product, like in a microwaveable container or something. Yeah, it’s that good and it’s hard to stop eating it.

Ann Puen Cakes - Bacolod cakes
The ube cake has a thick custard filling.


By the way, I would like to mention that when I got the cake on a Saturday morning, I just had a small slice to try it and then I immediately put it in the refrigerator. It was not until Sunday that we have actually enjoyed the cake. And I had my last slice, which stayed in the chiller for seven whole days and it’s still good. Yeah, there’s a bit of difference in the texture of the cake, but not by much because it’s still quite moist. So I got to enjoy the last slice.

Ann Puen ube cakes - Bacolod cakes
Ann Puen ube cakes

Special Occasion Cakes

Aside from the regular violet round cakes for desserts or as gifts to loved ones and special people, Ann can decorate these for any occasion as well, just like the cake below. It’s a 6th birthday, so it’s a child’s birthday but Ann decorated it to make it look playful. So yeah, you can just ask her to customize it for you.

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Ann Puen ube cake - Bacolod cakes
An ube cake for a 6th birthday.

Ann Puen Cakes

You may order Ann Puen Cakes at (034) 435-6900 and (0922) 8500746.
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Ann Puen Ube cakes - Bacolod cakes

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