Kids at Cebu City Marriott Hotel

Kids at Cebu City Marriott Hotel




Overnight stay for our family at the Cebu City Marriott Hotel.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel family overnight
Our little ones with us at Cebu City Marriott Hotel where we had an overnight stay.

We recently had a quick overnight stay at the CEBU CITY MARRIOTT HOTEL for our family’s trip to Cebu, Philippines.  It was a quick one because we flew from Bacolod City via Cebu Pacific around lunchtime and although the flight was very short (around 30 minutes flying time), the traffic from the Mactan Cebu International Airport to the hotel was merciless. We got there around 3 pm already and then we left the hotel at 8am the following day to catch our flight back.

Despite our short stay, which was also dampened by the rain that kept the kids from using the pool, we did have a comfortable stay at CEBU CITY MARRIOTT HOTEL. My problem there was the FOOD.

All in all, we had a good stay there. There were a few disappointments but we managed. I would also like to point out the beefed up security in the hotel. All vehicles had to pass by a checkpoint while people who disembarked had to go through a scanner. Took some time to get through, but I appreciate this. I just didn’t notice if there was a sniffing dog–there were too many people at the door when we went through for scanning. I thought I saw one but my husband couldn’t confirm it.


CEBU CITY MARRIOTT HOTEL is located within Cebu City‘s premier financial district. The city’s convention center and downtown district are very near, but because of Cebu’s traffic problem nowadays, you have to have a time allowance if you are going to an appointment.

Additionally, Ayala Shopping Center is within the block so you can just walk going there even when it rains, because there is a covered path walk leading to the mall. It is also worthy to mention that the Mactan Export Processing Zone (MEPZ) is only 10 kilometers away.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Cebu City Marriott Hotel. Photo from the Marriott website.

We went to Cebu for the purpose of my being a finalist for the Globe Media Excellence Awards 2017, where my online persona, SigridSays, won in two social media categories. The event was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel but since it was fully booked, we were billeted at Marriott Hotel Cebu instead.

It was okay because these two hotels are quite near each other, about a kilometer or so. The problem was the traffic (okay, I cant stop ranting about the traffic)! Going to the event took us more than 3o minutes!

Lobby/Common Area

CEBU CITY MARRIOTT HOTEL is a compact hotel so the lobby or the common area is very small. Since there were many of us who checked in at the same time (thanks to the delayed flights and the traffic), there was no longer any space for us to sit down. Bags and boxes were everywhere.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Reception area. Chanced upon a time when there were only two people around.

Some of us had to occupy seats at the adjoining cafe/bar. It was pretty chaotic at that time and a couple of front desk personnel already had a tinge of irritation on their faces. Tinge lang naman, but you can feel the tension building up already.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
The bar at the hotel that is adjoined to the lobby.

Room and Toiletries

CEBU CITY MARRIOTT HOTEL has 300 well-appointed rooms, which include 22 business and executive suites. I am not sure what room we were checked in but I think it was a standard room or guest room. The double beds were very comfortable and there was enough leg room for the four of us (two adults and two young children). Closet was enough, we had TV, and a bath tub.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Our standard guest room. Elegant design.

The bath tub really compensated for my children skipping the pool because of the very strong rain when we arrived that afternoon. We promised them there would be swimming in the hotel but the tides weren’t in their favor (traffic and bad weather), but thankfully, they were happy to have soaked in the tub. At least, there was bubbles.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Lavatory inside the bathroom–love the design. And I like their toiletries, too–THANN aromatherapy series.

When it was time for bed, we moved the kids’ bed towards the wall so that the little one won’t fall down. Toiletries were very nice– the THANN aromatherapy series. There was no mini bar though.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Two tired kids after a very long day.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Hot station inside the room. But we didn’t have a mini bar.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Our bedside table.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Complimentary bedroom slippers.


These are the published amenities of CEBU CITY MARRIOTT HOTEL. But because of our short stay, we were not able to even go around the hotel. The only areas we went to are the lobby, the cafe, the restaurant, and our room. I was only able to take photos of the pool before the torrential downpour that day.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
They have a small but quaint pool surrounded by trees and plants. Nice to have photo opps here. Too bad the kids weren’t able to take a dip here. 🙁
  • Business center
  • Fitness center
  • Free high speed Internet
  • High-speed Internet
  • Plug In Panel
  • Pool
  • Restaurant on-site
  • Room service
  • Car rental desk
  • Parking
  • Certified Meeting Planner
  • Marriott-certified wedding planner
  • Meeting event space
  • Meeting Services App
  • Meetings Imagined
  • Family travel
  • Full Service Spa
Cebu City Marriott Hotel
The restaurant where the breakfast buffet is served.


So I have encountered the front desk personnel, the service crew at the cafe, the restaurant, and one housekeeping personnel. Two waitresses at the cafe were really nice, one wasn’t so amiable. Hubby says that they might not be prepared for the people having lunch in the afternoon. haha I was told that they have a lunch and dinner buffet at their restaurant, but we were not able to they them because of our events.

One guy at the front desk was nice, the other ladies were a bit tensed. I could not feel warmth at all, or maybe because I don’t look like a business traveler? I am not really very demanding, but so far, in the hotels that I have stayed, the front desk personnel exuded “warmth” or what you call the “Filipino hospitality”. But here at Cebu City Marriott, not so much. But that’s just me, I guess. Meanwhile, their housekeeping was pretty fast with my request. 😀

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
This was how my plaques were packed. It even had a printout. So neat! 😀 Thank you so much! Writings are mine.

But I am very thankful to the gentleman at the concierge. I asked him to help me with our glass plaques from the awarding before I had breakfast. After breakfast I went to him and my frames were all packed and secured. Nice job! I think that’s a really nice touch that he went out of his way to do it.


Prices at Cebu City Marriott Hotel are quite reasonable, considering its good location. And you can get better rates during off-peak season. But just to give you an idea, the rates start around P5,400 ++ per night for a guest room/standard room, which we had.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel room rates
Room rates of CEBU CITY MARRIOTT HOTEL, as per checking, October 2017.


Wifi access is available to guests of the Cebu City Marriott Hotel both at the lobby and inside the rooms. There’s a different connection for hotel guests though. And the internet is pretty fast. Too bad I didn’t have time to work anymore. Otherwise, I would have taken advantage of the fast wifi and posted in this blog.


Ahhh … Food, the subject that gave me the most disappointment. We had a very late lunch at their cafe. We arrived around 3pm, formally checked in, and then proceeded to the cafe to order. Our meals got to us after around 20 minutes for the sandwich but around 3o minutes for the meals. Our daughter’s hamburgers, however, took almost an hour and the kids got restless!

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Husband’s really sad Beef Rendang – P475

But that’s not the disappointment–it’s the taste. Maybe that is because I am from Bacolod where food is cheap and really delectable that my standards are a bit high. The beef stroganoff was too “light”, I wanted it creamier. They served the pasta on the side but when it got to me, it was dry and sticking to each other.  I think the beef and sauce should have been made as topping to give the pasta some moisture.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Beef stroganoff with Fettucine – P475. Check the sad looking pasta on the side.

My husband ordered beef rendang. We were pretty excited coz we kinda missed it. But when it got to us, it was like beef in tomato sauce. We know rendang coz we stayed for two weeks in Indonesia and had eaten this dish several times there. At Marriott, it was not beef rendang. My friend also did not find her vegetable sandwich satisfying.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
The so-so burger – P485

The kids’ burgers were okay, and they were happy with the fries, but it took too long to serve. Turns out the patty was a bit overcooked and dry. Maybe because we have Das Burgery Bacolod that every burger I try from then on, I compare it to theirs.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
3 Cheese Grilled Local Vegetable Sandwich – P425. They had to grill individual vegetable slices and assemble the sandwich and grill it again but this came first than all the other orders, even when this was ordered about 15 minutes after our meals.

It’s surprising that I was disappointed with the food because when I am really hungry, I would just devour whatever is in front of me without question. But this time, their food didn’t make the cut even by my famished self. And by the way, food is really EXPENSIVE! Maybe that’s why I expected something more.

I really hope they will revamp their menu or at least improve their cooking and food presentation. If they will invite me when that happens, I will gladly promote them again. I was so happy to come home to Bacolod and eat at Felicia’s–I had a very satisfying welcome dinner after my two-day stay in Cebu. Read my story here: Good Food at Felicia’s 15th Lacson

Breakfast Buffet

The breakfast buffet at Cebu City Marriott Hotel was the saving grace. The restaurant is small but they were able to pack in so many good things. Plus, I like the arrangements of the dishes. Decor had country chic feel, which was relaxing. It had the “feels of home.” was There were so many choices for food and hot and cold drinks, too.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Our little one didn’t eat much because she was cranky that she had to wake up earlier than usual.

I especially appreciate the fact that there’s fresh fruits and chilled fresh fruit juice. And salmon, too. Yes, I had salmon for breakfast. hihi If only we had more time, I would have lingered for breakfast a bit longer to savor the experience.

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Cold cuts station.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel
An assortment of Danish pastries
Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Some of the items for Filipino breakfast. There’s so much more, including mga kakanin (native delicacy).
Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Assorted milks. Love this feature. Great if you have kids.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Breakfast salad bar.
Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Fresh fruit juices.

Contact Details

Cebu City Marriott Hotel

Cardinal Rosales Avenue Cebu City 6000 Philippines
Phone: +63-32-4115800
Fax: +63-32-4115801
Sales: +63-32-4115800 ext. 8026


  1. I’m considering staying here when I visit Cebu so that I could use my Marriott Rewards points but it seems like I should lower my expectations based on your article (or just use my points at Marriott Manila). I was thinking the Marriott Cebu is as posh as their RWM hotel. I was surprised with food 🙁 and the staff.

    1. The hotel’s nice naman. 😀 All in all comfortable naman ang stay. So if you have points, you can certainly use it here. 😀

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