Tips for fresh graduates

Tips for fresh graduates looking for work

3 Things Fresh Grads Need to Get Hired


Are you a fresh grad
out looking for work?
These tips are for you.

fresh grads is the oldest online head hunting and job seeking portal in the Philippines. In a recent market trends report that they presented to the media and bloggers in Bacolod, they have identified top three things that fresh graduates need to work on in order to get a better shot at being competitive in the job market.

So are you a fresh grad or among those young and unemployed? Check this out. These might be the things that you need to work on in order to land that dream job or be part of that prestigious company that you so wanted.
what job seekers need

Top 3 Things Fresh Grads Need

According to the in-house study conducted by among their corporate clients, potential employers who are willing to hire fresh grad employees and give them better chances for growth in the company are looking for the following:

1. Sense of Initiative. A person with initiative possesses the ability to assess situations and initiate the performance of things independently. He doesn’t need to be told each and every single thing to do because they already thought about it beforehand. He takes charge of a situation before others do. Employers appreciate this trait because they know that things get done even if they are not watching their staff every minute of the day.

2. Problem Solving Abilities. Problem solving may require two distinct types of mental skill–analytical and creative. Employers are more likely to hire fresh grads who show good potential or have remarkable problem solving abilities. This may be determined in special exams that will require applicants to solve particular situational problems or during the interview. As students, young people should be exposed to different situations in school and workshops that will allow them to solve different kinds of problems that may arise in the workplace.

3. Leadership Potential. Employers are looking for the leadership potential among their new hires so that they have the potential of going up the ladder when the opportunity arises. This also ties up the other two things, the sense of initiative and the problem solving abilities, in a person.

If you have already graduated and you think you don’t have these traits, it is still not to late to hone them. Read books and attend seminars and workshops that can improve your overall package. Good luck in your job hunt!

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