Yakimix SM Bacolod

Sushi at Yakimix SM Bacolod

Why Yakimix Bacolod is Worth Your Money


Yakimix Bacolod 

Yakimix Bacolod is the newest eat all you can buffet in Bacolod. Among Bacolod restaurants, this one offers eat all you yakiniku plus other exciting Asian dishes.

Yakimix SM Bacolod sushi
An eye-popping sushi boat laden with more than you usual fare of sushi.

Yakimix Bacolod Cuisine

Yakimix Bacolod is the newest eat all you can buffet restaurant to hit the City of Smiles. While it predominantly offers Japanese cuisine, it is a “mix” of other Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Korean, and Filipino. Find out what makes this new Bacolod restaurant worth it.

Yakimix SM Bacolod
Yakimix SM Bacolod is located at the north wing, restaurant row at SM City Bacolod.
Yakimix SM Bacolod
Some of the exciting sushi choices.

Reasons why Yakimix SM Bacolod is worth it

300 + items to choose from

Each day, either for lunch or dinner, Yakimix Bacolod prepares more than 300 items on the menu from soups to desserts. There is a wide variety of dishes to choose from. While they are primarily serving Japanese, they have a good collection of Chinese, Korean, and Filipino dishes that is sure to satisfy many different kinds of people.

Yakimix SM Bacolod
At the time of our visit, they had four kinds of sashimi.

But the fact remains that it is the Japanese collection that makes the cut for your in terms of value. Just imagine endless sushi, sashimi, average sukiyaki, and tempura. All these plus dimsum and about 30 varieties to grill for the yakiniku. For these alone plus drinks and desserts, you easily get your money’s worth.

Yakimix SM Bacolod
Seafood area of the grill station.
Yakimix SM Bacolod
Meat section of the grill station.
Yakimix SM Bacolod
The cakes but sadly I never got to try them because I was already full with the halo-halo.

Good quality foods

Yakimix Bacolod is not just about quantity but more so on quality. Their crab stick, shrimp, and vegetable tempura are good. And so are their wide array of sushis. They are not just run of the mill, fast food kind of sushi.

Yakimix SM Bacolod
They have cooked Filipino, Chinese, and Korean dishes.

I have tried their different dumplings and they are good, too. I just didn’t have the stomach anymore for siopao. And their Chinese food was cooked very well, too. Moreover, the slices of salmon sashim at Yakimix Bacolod…waaa… They were so thick and wide! Imagine, just a few slices of salmon sashimi in a Bacolod restaurant serving mainly Japanese cuisine is already more than P200!

Yakimix SM Bacolod
Hot soup station.
Yakimix SM Bacolod
Vegetable dishes.
Yakimix SM Bacolod
Tempura station

Fast refills

When the dishes on display run out, the refills at Yakimix Bacolod come very fast. That is because there are several staff roaming their food area to check if the serving trays. If they didn’t notice that something ran out, you can just make a request and it will be almost immediately granted.

Yakimix SM Bacolod
Food display at Yakimix SM Bacolod
Yakimix SM Bacolod
This is the make your own sukiyaki corner. You put the pre-cooked ingredients in your bowl and pour the hot soup over it, as demonstrated by Yen Engojo, assistant area manager.

Accommodating staff

Yakimix Bacolod have friendly staff who tries to serve every request, including refills, dish out, and lighting up of the grill. They are very helpful. Tip them if you can, please.

Yakimix SM Bacolod
Dimsum station

Comfortable dining areas

I find the dining areas at Yakimix Bacolod rather comfortable because of the cushioned seats. And because of the expanse of the restaurant, they can seat anywhere from 250 to 300, depending on the group seating arrangements. Yet, you don’t feel too crowded. We went there on the third day from opening and there were so many people there. Yet, it was okay. There was not much queuing to get your food.

Yakimix SM Bacolod
One half of the dining area.

Food for everybody

Kids who are picky eaters have their own corner at Yakimix Bacolod. There’s the kids’ all-time favorites like pizza, French fries, nachos, and buchi. And oh, they have a halo-halo bar, too. But of course, adults can also partake of these.

Yakimix SM Bacolod
Kiddie corner. Hubby swears by the buchi. But I wasn’t able to try it.
Yakimix SM Bacolod
Halo halo bar. It’s not really much because they don’t have beans, but it had enough to get me excited.

Healthy options

For the health conscious, don’t you worry, Yakimix Bacolod has got you covered. They have a salad bar with vegetables and fruits in season. They even had whole apples as well as pomelo that you can eat for as much as you like!

Yakimix SM Bacolod
Salad bar

Clean restrooms

Since this is a Japanese-inspired restaurant, there is a zen-like quality to the toilet at Yakimix Bacolod. Too bad that there are only two cubicles there. But thankfully, despite going back there several times because I had two kids with me, we didn’t have to wait.

Affordable rates

Yakimix Bacolod rates are really affordable for what you get. Sure you serve yourself but at least you have the freedom to get what you like.

But as my husband said in his article, it is only fun to dine here when you are with family and friends. It’s no fun when you are alone–there’s no competition! haha

Yakimix SM Bacolod
Different condiments for the grill station. You can freely anything from here to complement your meal.

Anyway, some people have criticized Yakimix Bacolod already. I think that we have to give them a chance because they are still new. And also, well, there are people who are hard to please. You gotta try it for yourself. I am a Japanese food lover and I think this is worth it.

Yakimix SM Bacolod
Korean appetizers

My only hope is that Yakimix Bacolod maintain the quality of tjeor food and quantity of dishes. Or maybe they can lessen it just a wee bit and it would still not be noticeable. But it is the quality that will matter–flavors, ingredients, etc.

For now, I love this new Bacolod restaurant. I would definitely come back with family. Heck, I couldn’t even give justice to Yakimix Bacolod through my pictures. But I really hope they will keep it up because for me, they are already doing a great job.

Yakimix SM Bacolod
Drinks station include pre-mix juices, Pepsi products, and coffee.

Yakimix SM Bacolod Rates

Yakimix Bacolod is open daily for lunch, from 11:30am to 3pm, and for dinner, from 6pm to 10pm.
Monday – Friday except public holidays
Lunch: P499
Sat, Sun & Holiday
Dinner: P599
Lunch/Dinner: P599
Children Below 3ft: FREE
Children Below 4ft: P299
Leftover Charges P700 (additional)
5% Service Charge

For reservations, call: (034)435-2589, (034)435-2685

Yakimix SM Bacolod
Grilling some yakiniku at Yakimix Bacolod.

12 thoughts on “Why Yakimix Bacolod is Worth Your Money

  1. Call for reservation…. The hell! I called at 6:15pm to booked a table for 7:30pm and was told I have to be in person to book a reservation. Are you kidding me??? That’s walk in! I was told by the manager on the phone call in reservations only at 5pm? This is so f”… Up. Where in the world do you call for reservation and be told you have to be in the premises to do so. Ugh! Philippines is so primitive!

    1. Yes, Maam. I understand that they have a limit for the number of reservations to make way for walk ins. 😀

  2. I also wished to make a reservation last Tuesday for Wednesday lunch,but was told that it was already fully booked for the next day. So instead, I was told to come early in order to be listed for the walk in slot. So, the next day I went there around 11am in order to enlist our group of 5. I was aleady #3 on the list. When 11:30am – the exact time when they allow the guests with reservation to get in, we only waited for 15minutes for our group to be called. It’s the same system also with with another buffet restaurant. GOOD Food and Services plus FAST REFILL 😊….unlike the other buffet restaurant…nowadays they are slow or no refills even if its still early – specially in the japanese section..missing shrimp tempura and salm0n 😥. Thanks Yakimix! 👌

  3. We also have a Yakimix here in BGC, and though I heard good review about it, i never tried dining with them. Not a priority in my list as of now, coz its always crowded and am sure i wont enjoy the experience.

  4. omg those! my family love japanese buffet! we have here in dubai too! 60aed per head eat all you can which is cheaper compare to when you eat to yo sushi and other brands. My mum is from bacolod, but i’ve never really been there. do they have one in Manila too?

    1. Yes sis! The Yakimix in Bacolod is very new, but they have several ones in Manila. Wow, di na nauwi si Moms mo dito?

  5. I love Yakimix, they recently opened a branch in Cagayan de Oro City. We haven’t checked it out yet but I know we eventually will. They are cheaper compared to other buffet restos and they serve delicious food!

  6. So envious that you already have Yakimix in Bacolod! I’ve been reading about them for years on our other blogging friends’ blogs and I reeeaallly really want to visit when I get to Manila. 😛 But hopefully it will come to Baguio soon!

  7. We do not fare well with buffets so we try to avoid them as much as we can but I think we can reserve these for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. I have not tried Yakimix yet they sure have an interesting and wide array of food choices. I agree that it will be well worth the money. You just have to prepare your tummy for the task! ^_^

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