Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants

Veggie Bites Cafe: Vegan Restaurant in Bacolod


Veggie Bites Cafe: Vegetarian and Vegan Bacolod Restaurant

More and more Bacolod restaurants are opening and the best thing to do is to set yourself apart from the rest. Such is Veggie Bites Cafe, located at the 2nd floor of Hi-Strip 4, Circumferential Road, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippnes. It’s now the nicest vegan restaurant in Bacolod to date.

But Veggie Bites Cafe is more than just another unique Bacolod cafe or restaurant. Their concept is not just novelty because their advocacy is health and promoting a diets that promote health and wellness.

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants
Veggie Bites Cafe is a nice and cozy vegan restaurant in Bacolod.

Veggie Bites Cafe is the newest player in the Bacolod restaurants industry. But it’s not just another concept joint — it is a cafe that advocates health and wellness through the serving of specially designed gourmet dishes that even non-vegans will find surprisingly satisfying.

Vegan and Vegetarian

Dietary vegans do not eat animal products, which is not just limited to meat but also eggs, dairy products, and other animal-derived substances. It is one of the kinds of vegetarian diets, except that practicing vegans have elevated the practice into a lifestyle of abstaining in the use of animal-based products in all aspects of their lives, not just in their food.

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants
One the vegetable salads they serve.

Veggie Bites Cafe

Veggie Bites Cafe is a Bacolod restaurant owned and managed by the Bacolod Adventist Medical Center (BAMC). Adventists are known for their healthy lifestyles, particularly their diets, because these are tied up to their faith. They are proponents of wellness, as well.

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants
Vegetable lasagna filled with spinach — delicious and healthy.

It has become the advocacy of BAMC to promote healthy eating and also to see more Bacolodnons making a shift to a healthier lifestyle, thus, they have opened three Bacolod restaurants already, namely Veggie Bites at Robinsons Place Bacolod food court and Vedge Hub at 6th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City.

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants
I think this is the Pema’s Salad. I like the combination of the sweetness of the fruits and the strong flavor of celery leaves along with the vinaigrette.

And now, they have opened a nice, comfortable, and really cozy Bacolod restaurant at the east to cater to the growing population in the area. Veggie Bites Cafe answers this need.

Vegan Dishes

At Veggie Bites Cafe, they pride themselves with gourmet creations that reflect the ideals of BAMC and the Adventist faith. The menu is mainly designed by Bacolod chef Raul “Kikoy” Javelosa of Kik’s Place, a Bacolod restaurant located at 22nd-Lacson Street.

Veggie Bites Cafe has salads, appetizers, pastas, entrees, and even desserts. Even their desserts are vegan. Their menu is a collection of some favorite cafe food, the only Filipino-style dish there is the mushroom sisig.

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants
Some of the cupcakes available at Veggie Bites Cafe.

Crossover Dishes

However, Veggie Bites Cafe understands that there are people who are working on the shift to vegetarianism or maybe are just “testers”–those who want to find out if vegetarian food is actually any good.

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants
Garden fresh pizza.

To answer that need, this new Bacolod restaurant has developed some crossover dishes that contain one or two ingredients like eggs and | or cheese. So practically, there is something for every taste.

The Verdict

The dishes, including the drinks, at Veggie Bites Cafe are well thought out. They are all rich and surprisingly, delicious. I think that vegans and vegetarians would really appreciate a nice Bacolod restaurant that serve good quality and tasty vegetarian dishes. They have the healthy, gourmet alternative.

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants
Vegan pesto at Veggie Bites Cafe.

However, for non-vegans, it might surprise them to find out that what Veggie Bites Cafe offers may not be what we are used to. For example, mushroom burgers or cheesecakes. They taste good but, for obvious reasons, they do not taste at all like the ones we are used to.

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants
The friendly staff at Veggie Bites Cafe.

But so far, I do have my favorites at Veggie Bites Cafe, like their lasagna, pesto, falafel, and most especially the nachos. They make their own tomato sauce, which made the sauce on the nachos so good. This is a good place to dine, both aesthetically and gastronomically. Bring your family and friends here for your healthy meals.

If they have good coffee, the place would be perfect. If you are a coffee drinker, you will have to source your favorite beverage elsewhere after your meal here.

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants
Their falafel is love.

If vegetarian food would always be this good, I am starting to think that I might shift to vegetarianism, especially after listening to Dr. Mechelle Palma of BAMC. I just wonder if I can still teach our old cook to prepare these kinds of vegetarian dishes for us at home. Hmmmm…

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants - vegan restaurant Bacolod
Comfortable interiors of Veggie Bites Cafe.

Satisfying. Although the food at Veggie Bites Cafe are predominantly plant-based, my husband and I find them oddly satisfying. I didn’t really binge during our snacks there around 5pm, but both of us found that we didn’t need to have dinner that night anymore. This is a good thing, especially for calorie-conscious people.

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants - vegan restaurant Bacolod
Veggie Bites Cafe is a big place. Great for big groups of diners.

Healthy Breads

BAMC also makes a line of healthy breads that they have been selling at the hospital for some time now. These are freshly made, healthy breads made of whole wheat. Now, they are conveniently available to the people in the east at Veggies Bites Cafe.

Veggie Bites Cafe - Bacolod restaurants
Some of the healthy breads at Veggie Bites Cafe.

If you have questions about their menu, don’t hesitate to ask their staff about it, especially the ingredients in each one. They are pretty transparent about these information.

Veggie Bites Cafe

2nd Floor, Hi-Strip 4, Circumferential Road, Bacolod City
Open from Sunday to Thursday, from 11am to 9pm
Every Friday, they open from 11am to 3pm only
CLOSED on Saturdays

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