‘Up’ and Away

A famous scene from Up where this little house is pulled up in the air by thousands of colorful helium balloons. It had been the theme of many birthday parties since. Photo from the internet.

The first time I saw the trailer of UP at the movie theater, I didn’t find it very interesting. I just thought it was another animated movie meant to entertain children. But when I heard about the 10-year-old child, Colby Curtin, with vascular cancer who requested to watch the movie UP before she dies, this movie really made me curious.

So I did watch it. And guess what?! The movie was really touching beyond words. I cried and laughed while the movie was going on.

Aside from the fact that Walt Disney and Pixar did another great job in making the film, the movie was indeed very inspirational, full of values both for children and adults. To make it short and simple, all I can say the movie was great and I recommend it for the whole family to see! By the way, Up is also a great movie for couples because of the love story part.

One of the precocious scenes in the movie. Photo from the internet.

Again, to say the least, I really loved it and although I am not about to go the adventure like his, I would like to imagine myself floating like that in a house pulled around by colorful balloons. hahaha Okay, I know I am such a dreamer!

Here is the Up Trailer:

Anyway, in a show at the National Geographic Channel, they recreated the flying house scene in California and here is the video clip below.

Instead of thousands of regular balloons, the engineers of the show used 300 big and thick balloons filled with a tank of helium for each. Then they also made a small single-story house and made it fly. But of course, it was without furniture. I can only imagine how much they spent on this production!

Still it does not stop me from dreaming that one day, I will be able to do this. LOL

Up is directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson. Voice includes Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai and John Ratzenberger.

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