Two pans pizza dip and bread

Two pans pizza dip and bread

Twopans Cafe and Resto Serves Heartwarming Dishes


Twopans Cafe and Resto

Twopans Cafe and Resto
Enjoy coffees at Twopans. This is their specialty coffee at P100.


There are restaurants that you go to because of good food. Meanwhile there are those that you frequent because the place simply makes you feel at home. At Twopans Cafe and Resto here in Bacolod City, you get both. They not only serve comforting and affordable dishes, they also have a very nice and cozy interior that spells home. Or at least the home that you would like to have.

Twopans Cafe and Resto
Pizza dip hawaiian flavor (P129)
Twopans Cafe and resto
One way to eat your pizza dip–spoon the sauce on your toast.

Familiar Dishes

Twopans Cafe and Resto serves all-time favorite dishes with a twist. Their food is both flavorful as well as interesting.

Take for example their snack item called the pizza dip. Instead of making pizzas and becoming another pizza joint, they made theirs differently. The pizza dip dish is where you get a plate lined with toasted sliced baguettes. Then you get a shallow dish filled with what’s supposed to be pizza toppings. You can choose the flavors, too, just like you would pizza.

Twopans Cafe and Resto
All-meat pizza dip (P129)

You get to either dip your bread or spoon the sauce onto your bread to eat. Great for sharing for if you’re hungry, you can easily finish one order.

Twopans Cafe and REsto
Creamy pesto pasta with grilled chicken (P159).
Twopans cafe and resto
These macaroni balls are great for kids. A bit oily though because cooked macaroni is fried for this dish.
Twopans Cafe and Resto
Threeway burger. These are mini burgers that are served with three different sauces. You may choose to have the three different flavors with your order.
Twopans Cafe and Resto
Grilled shrimp salad (P125). Pretty good price for a pretty salad.
Twopans Cafe and Resto
Seafood marinara (P159). This is soooo good! And the aroma….ahhh makes my mouth water just looking at this picture.

Twopans Cafe and Resto Dishes

Then there are the coffee-marinated grilled chicken, pork ribs in barbecue-rum sauce, bouillabaisse, beef stroganoff, and their version of Salisbury steak. Everything is good (except for the bouillabaisse that I have yet to try).

Twopans Cafe and Resto
Salisbury steak (P159). This is their photo but I had to grab it because it looks much better than mine. Here you can clearly see the patty with the mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, and fries. I ordered a cup of rice at P20 because it was not part of the meal. I really love this!

But I am so glad about their Salisbury steak. They serve it in a bowl so it’s not sizzling. The moisture of the patty is therefore, retained. It is served with gravy and fries and a choice of mashed potatoes or rice. I chose to have mashed potatoes and then just had a separate order of plain rice. I shared this with my two little girls and we are all very happy with our meal. And mind you, it was enough for the three of us.

Twopans Cafe and Resto
Lasagna (P159) seems to have more meat than the pasta.
Twopans Cafe and Resto
Coffee marinated grilled chicken (P139). I like this. The mild coffee taste enhanced the flavors of the grilled chicken.
Twopans Cafe and Resto
Pan-seared tangigue (P149). I haven’t tried this yet, as I just took this snap from the other table. But it sure does look good.
Twopans Cafe and Resto
Pork ribs in barbecue sauce (P179). The sauce really looks dark but the flavor is not very strong. It’s just enough. It’s not your usual barbecuey taste though but it has a unique flavor.

Twopans Interior

The management of Twopans Cafe and Resto made painstaking effort to make the place as homey as possible. The interior included message frames on the wall that speak of encouragement and positive thinking. They have nifty little ornaments that one would often find decorating a shabby chic country home. Some even look like they have sentimental value.

There are different levels of seating, like a high table and tall chairs, regular dining room tables and chairs, and mini-loft where you can sit on the floor and sit like most Asians do. There, they also have a little corner for the kids to play.

Twopans Cafe and Resto
Message frames hanging on the wall. There’s more of them around the place.

They have one particular frame there where they keep changing the message and in one instance, a friend of ours said that the verse “spoke” to him, like it was an answer to what he was going through. Wonderful touch!

Twopans Cafe and Resto
The interior is wonderfully homey.

For the Coffee Lover

They would not be a cafe without coffees and they have an assortment of them. Strong and freshly brewed, they have hot and iced versions. But since I am not a coffee expert, I will not discuss this part lengthily. They also have some interesting smoothies and teas.

Twopans Cafe and Resto
The wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee emanates from this area.

Meet Joe

No, I don’t mean the famous Brad Pitt movie of the 90s. I’m talking about Joe, one of the staff at Twopans. Joe has quite an interesting style when serving. He recommends dishes and gives warning (like the hot pan) while always attributing everything to “Joe”. It was only later that we realized that he was actually talking about himself, as he was the “Joe” he was referring to. My husband and I just found it amusing that he refers to himself in the third person. hihi

Twopans Resto and Cafe
Well, meet Joe.

Twopans Cafe and Resto

Ground floor, O Residences
Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City
For reservations, call Tel. No. 432-6093.

Twopans Cafe and Resto
Calamares. Not my order either. Just looks good though so I had to take a photo.

At present, they are only accepting cash payments. 

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