TV Commercials Without Good Values


It seems that the moral responsibility of the media is waning and waning. On afternoon soaps and primetime TV, we see half naked women doing love scenes or torrid kissing scenes. Then the networks would just put the note “Parental Guidance” there. In this modern day and age when the TV is becoming more of the baby sitter of the house, where is parental consent? The issue here may be a chicken and egg thing, but at least, the media should be responsible for their audience.

Next issue would be those TV commercials. LBC has a commercial, with no less than Edu Manzano as playing the host there, where a child spelled the word “REMITTANCE” as “L-B-C” and Mr. Manzano said something like correct! Then there is the anti-fungal skin cream, was that Trosyd or Canesten, where a girl’s clothes were suctioned by the very effective vacuum cleaner being demonstrated. She was proud because she had no skin diseases to hide, even when all her clothes were removed. The lines of her breasts could clearly be seen (althought it could be tampered with but who knows the difference? Definitely not the children.) Then there is the Colt 45 commercial that says men should act like real men. I agree with the other concepts, but there was one concept when a guy had to sweet talk his wife or girlfriend when he answered the phone. He was ashamed when he did that and he was concerned if the other guys heard him. Then a Colt 45 bottle smashed him because he did no act manly. Now, where did that concept come from? A loving guy is considered “gay” if he is sweet towards the woman in his life? Oh, give me a break.

Why do we allow such concepts to proliferate our local TV. I know for a fact that these concepts go through a lot of brainstorming before they are finally released on the air. Why this irresponsibility? The stations will just shrug their shoulders saying that these materials were just submitted by the advertisers. So who will correct these issues now if fingers will just be pointed?

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