Trinity Christian School Bacolod: The First School Campus in Western Visayas to Run on Solar Power by Orion Group International

The Solar Power system at Trinity Christian School was inaugurated today by School Director Kenneth Locsin, Orion Group EVP Rynor Jamandre, Ms. Jonalyn Navarro of DECS, and Mr. Jose Marie Belleza of Brgy. Villamonte.

Trinity Christian School (TCS), with its campus located at Villa Angela Subdivision Phase 3, Bacolod City, has inaugurated their school’s solar power system today. This is the first school campus in Western Visayas to have embraced the use of clean, renewable, and sustainable energy for its school use.

A couple of years ago, representatives of TCS attended the 1st Energy Forum organized by Orion Group International. Discussions then followed because it had been the school’s desire to run on solar power. Ms. Esther Jane Uy, TCS principal, said that indeed God provided for what the school desired and needed, quoting Psalm 37:34 in her welcome message. She also joked with the CENECO representative present, apologizing that their electricity bill will be going down drastically.

This is the northern building of Trinity Christian School with solar panels installed on its roof. The solar panels should always face south, Engr. Jamandre said.
Up close: the solar panels on the north side of the school facing south.

Orion EVP Rynor Jamandre, who hails from Victorias City, said that Trinity paid for 20 solar panels but they installed 25 as a sign of goodwill. Additionally, he said that some of the power generated will be donated to four poor families so that they will have enough electricity to light up their homes and also charge their cell phones. This is very important, especially in times of calamities, Engr. Jamandre said.

Engr. Jamandre also explained that their company has installed solar power systems to more than 200 projects all over the world, but it is only now that the Philippines is picking up on this energy solution. He lauds Trinity for its efforts to be sustainable and socially responsible. He added that Trinity has taken the step to contributing to the solutions for the energy crisis and the environmental problems that the city (and the world) is facing. To illustrate further, he said that with the installation in the school Trinity is saving about 10,000 liters of gasoline each year, which translates to 10,000 liters worth of pollution. And the best thing is, the school is saving money.

Trinity Christian School goes solar!
Facts about Trinity Christian School that were identified for the installation.

Orion International installed a 20kW Grid-tie solar power system at Trinity School. Ms. Uy said that the entire project costs around P2M, but because of the financial support at Orion, they only paid a down payment of 30%, with the rest payable in five years, which will be taken out of their savings from their electricity bills.

Orion International installed a 20kW Grid-tie System at Trinity Christian School.

Right now, Trinity and Orion are still in the process are finalizing an agreement with CENECO about the net metering program. This means that excess power generated by the solar power system at Trinity School will be uploaded in the grid and sold to CENECO. The school not only saves but also earns.

Engr. Jamandre said that solar power is the best option to energy concerns. Power plants usually take at least 3 years from planning to completion, yet the environmental problems that they pose are too many. With the solar power system, it only takes 5-14 days for roof top installations and 3-6 months for solar farms.

For those who may be thinking, what happens when there is no sun? Engr. Jamandre explains that the solar system is powered by light and not heat. As long as there is light, solar energy is generated, even when it is cloudy, raining, or nighttime.

You may contact Orion Group International at (02) 856-7700 and (0917) 529-1188 and ask them what they can do for your home and business.

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