The Little Black Dress at Dress First

Super love this! Photo from

Once I have reached my weight goal, which is to lose 8 lbs by Christmas, I will reward myself with a couple of little black dresses (LBD) that I can use for formal occasions.

For me, the LBD is a staple in any woman’s closet because it is the easiest to wear for any and every occasion that simply doesn’t go out of style. The dress makes you feel sexy and look like it, too. After all, black has a slimming effect on our silhouettes. It is versatile as well because you can pair it with any accessory or jewelry. With the same dress, you can have many different looks and still come out perfectly dolled up without looking like you have been rehashing the whole thing many times already.

And also, it would be a nice dress to wear when I go out on a date with hubby. Teehee I bet he would also love to be seen with me in an LBD, don’t you think?

Here’s another classic LBD. Photo from

I have seen a couple of styles (pictured top and above) that I like at the online shopping site, I just love their collection of Little Black Dresses but these two would be best for me, well at least for my body type. I should really work out my mid section though, in order to lose the flab that I gained from my second pregnancy.

Soon, pretty soon, I shall get to where I want to be in terms of my weight and I shall get these two dresses as my reward! Weeee

There are still many nice LBD designs on the site, just check them out! I’m sure you will find the perfect one that you can wear for the coming rounds of Christmas parties! 😀

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