The Gamefowl Beginnings of Negros Breeder Narwin Javelosa

Narwin Javelosa at his scenic gamefarm in Murcia.

There are definitely seasons in the lives of gamefowl breeders. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. That is just the game. And the year 2010 had been a very good one to the breeding of Negrense sugar planter and former three-term Sagay City councilor Narwin Javelosa.

In that year alone, Javelosa had fifteen (15) straight wins in two consecutive stag derbies! And this record for his entry Chuckattack Wash Out NJRR got him the solo championship trophy of the 2010 GF-BAN 8-stag Derby and the co-championship of the 2010 NSSA 7-Stag Derby held September and October of that year.

This nice gentleman from Sagay City in southern Negros Occidental, Philippines was born into a family of sugar planters and fighting cock breeders. So it is no wonder why he got into both industries and balances both so gracefully.

Narwin formally started breeding while he was still single, which was in the early 80s, through the help of his cousin Elwin Javelosa—another planter-breeder. Elwin was the one who provided Narwin with his Cecil Greys and Dirty Greys. Narwin also got some of his first breeding materials from veteran Negros breeder Renato “Otic” Geroso, which mostly consisted of Greys and Lemons.

As he continued to expand his breeding at his 5-hectate gamefarm in Brgy. Bato, Sagay City, Narwin began acquiring more bloodlines from other known breeders. This widened his range of bloodlines and so he was able to experiment and cross different kinds. Thus he was able to produce battlecrosses to his liking.

In 2009, Narwin acquired a scenic 4.5-hectare lot in Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Murcia, eastern Negros Occidental, where his adult cocks are now fielded. Derby conditioning of his entries is also done here. A couple of years later, he purchased the adjoining 4-hectare lot, expanding his gamefarm to 8.5 hectares.

Narwin has so many breeding plans. He maintains the quality production in his farm while continuing to join derbies and selling his produce to interested buyers.

Note: Narwin Javelosa may be reached in Bacolod City at 0920-9521006.

Narwin’s trusted farm hands load boxes of fighting cocks at the back of his vehicle that will be shipped for a buyer in Manila.

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