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THAT NAIL THING: Pampering in Style


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That Nail Thing

That Nail Thing Bacolod
The plush interior of That Nail Thing.

Women can wear many hats, with the pressure often taking the toll on our health and sanity. We study and then build a career, get married, have kids, and see them through. Plus, many of us also need to help in the family finances. To survive all the challenges that life hurls at us, it is imperative that we regularly pursue leisure, whether just a couple of hours in a day or several days in a row.

If we want quick fixes, the easiest would be a mani-pedi at our favorite salons. And here in Bacolod, one of the plushest places to be would be That Nail Thing (Aurora’s Shades of Pink).

That Nail Thing Bacolod nail spa
How many shades of pink are there? Count them at That Nail Thing.

Advantages of That Nail Thing

That Nail Thing boasts of six uber comfy chairs designed for relaxation. They also have a couple’s couch, which could be used by BFFs or mother and daughter pairs. With its interiors in gray and pink, you will immediately feel like you are entering a den where Barbie would want to hang out.

They only use the O.P.I. nail lacquer and gels, which they have more than 200 colors available. Plus, more are still coming. O.P.I. is more durable than regular polish and is more resistant to fading. Gel polish, on the other hand, are much more long lasting.

That Nail Thing Bacolod nail spa
My daughter Dindin and I felt really pampered. I like the effect of these drapes that kinda separate us from the next seat.

Aside from the nail polish, That Nail Thing specializes in pampering. They want to give the best value service to their clients so that they will experience relaxation and leisure at a cost that is not so heavy on the pocket.

That Nail Thing Bacolod nail spa
My pedi. Nail attendants wear face masks.
That Nail Thing Bacolod nail spa
My daughter Dindin getting her nails painted.

And indeed, my daughter and I experienced their service. I had food spa with pedicure while my daughter had manicure and pedicure. We opted for the lacquer, as we did not have time for the gel (allow about 3 hours for a mani and pedi). We settled on their couple’s couch. After the initial giggles, we just succumbed to the quiet ambiance, with just some nice instrumental music playing. We just there while relishing the experience. It was good that we went there after lunch, as we were the only ones there. Ahhh…pure bliss.

That Nail Thing Bacolod
Our toes after the service.

I super enjoyed my foot spa with massage, especially on my tired calves and soles. The foot spa attendant was also very thorough in cleaning my feet. Then she cleaned my toes very well, removing my dead skill and cuticles (I have a lot!) before applying the polish.

Indeed, the magic here is in the service. It’s the perfect getaway in the midst of your harried day. You can easily slip here and take a break and then get back to work right after. Plus, who doesn’t like having nicely painted nails?

That Nail Thing

2nd Floor, Balay Quince
15th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City
Open daily, 10am to 7pm
Tel. No. (034) 445-3625

That Nail Thing Bacolod Nail Spa
That Nail Thing only uses OPI nail lacquer and gel polish.
That Nail Thing Bacolod nail spa
There are more than 200 colors to choose from at That Nail Thing.

That Nail Thing Services

You can avail of basic cleaning, manicure, and pedicure at That Nail Thing. You can choose between gel nail polish or nail lacquer, both by O.P.I. They also have hand or foot massage as well as hand or foot spa. In order to save big, you can choose from their several packages of service combos. You may also want to hold sparties there, like bridal showers or teen birthdays. Just coordinate at their front desk for details.

Hold a That Nail Thing Sparty!

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