tapado martial arts movie

tapado martial arts movie

TAPADO Action Movie Filming in Negros Occidental


TAPADO – An action movie slated for international
release has now started filming in Negros Occidental.

Tapado movie
Tapado is a form of martial arts that originated in Bago City, Negros Occidental. It will be filmed entirely in the province from July to September.

“Tapado” aka “Fight for Justice” is a martial arts action drama written and directed by Vincent Soberano, a martial arts champion and actor/director known for his award-winning films, “Blood Hunters” and “On The Brink: Uncharted Waters.” Promising deep cultural revelations as well as action-packed scenes, the movie is being prepared for local and international release. And the best thing is, it will be filmed entirely in the province of Negros Occidental.

Soberano, who was born here but migrated to the United States, said that he decided to film Tapado here in order to attract other filmmakers to the province. He has seen so many potential filming sites in the province. Tapado, however, will be filmed mainly in Bago City, Negros Occidental, as Soberano said that is a form of martial arts that originated in the city. “So it is just right that the movie will be filmed here.” Principal photography will be held between the end of July to September 2017 in Negros Occidental, with the inclusion of various scenic locations such as Bacolod City and Lakawon Island.

Vincent Soberano -- writer, actor, and director of Tapado.
Vincent Soberano — writer, actor, and director of Tapado.

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Starring Filipino action stars such as Congressman Monsour del Rosario, Ian Ignacio, Levi Ignacio, and Soberano himself, the film will also bring in international action stars such as Sarah Chang from China, Paul Allica from Australia, and China’s top UFC contender, Li Jingliang aka “The Leech”, in his debut acting role. Filpina mainstream actress Rhian Ramos and Bacol0d-based actor John Arceo complete the powerhouse cast. There will be more international actors will further boost the film’s robust cast.

Tapado movie cast
Tapado powerhouse cast includes former action star and now Congressman Monsour del Rosario, Rhian Ramos, Christian Vasquez, Ian Ignacio as well as other international actors.

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Tapado is a full-throttle, high intensity action film that brings in all the elements of Hollywood action films. It presents incredible action cinematography and audio-visual compositions by Japanese cinematographer Takeyuki Onishi, who is also the director of photography of “Blood Hunters.” Line-produced by industry veteran Elaine Lozano and with the artistry of award-winning production designer Fritz Silorio“Tapado” is expected to set the bar for Philippine action films. This is the country’s answers to Thailand’s “Ong Bak” and Indonesia’s “The Raid Redemption”. Tapado is set to be released in the international market in 2018.

Tapado movie
TAPADO lead star Ian Ignacio

The executive producers are Jessie Efeno, Tony Aguirre (Piaya Network), and Oli Laperal (RS Video & Film Productions).

For updates, follow their official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/tapadothemovie/


8 thoughts on “TAPADO Action Movie Filming in Negros Occidental

  1. Wow, this is a promising development for our film industry, sis.. culture is so alive! + the actor is really good looking 🙂 Can’t wait for the update!

  2. wow, the film sounds interesting! And how awesome that it features International actors and is a Philippine movie! So cool! 🙂

  3. I haven’t watched any movie or teleserye from ours. 😀 Well, I don’t have the luxury to watch a lot but this film looks promising…I have seen some details about the Cinemalaya entries or so, I think he is right about Negros for filming…beautiful place!

  4. Awww! That will boost some tourist when the movie is done filming and show to the public. I bet they have fun shooting at your place.

  5. Does the movie will also shows the beauty of Negros? This could a lovely way to promote the culture of Negros 🙂

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