summer love dance - headrush bcd

summer love dance - headrush bcd

Summer Love Dance 2017 at the L’Fisher Chalet


Summer Love Dance 2017 Bacolod

Summer Love Dance 2017 Bacolod
Summer Love Dance 2017 Bacolod at L’Fisher Chalet.

Bacolod music lovers and party goers hear ye! The city’s biggest digital music festival of the year is happening tomorrow, April 22, 2017 (Saturday). Join the Summer Love Dance 2017 at the roofdeck of the L’Fisher Chalet and enjoy the summer vibe with chill out and rap music. It will start at 5pm at end the next day for more than 12 hours of partying.

The event will feature performers like Korky Buchek from Australia, Kouta Kutsuma from The Palace Pool Club in Manila, Mrkiii, Zelijah, and Borhuh from Manila, DJ Young from Iloilo, and many other DJs from Bacolod like Ian Caram, Mark Mira, Slywalker, and Remon Malunes.

There will be one (1) center stage by the pool and three different colored rooms that will feature a variety of music genres that will surely please everyone. There will be no bands, just digital music mixed by the DJs and the crowd can just enjoy the different kinds of music presented as they can just go about the different rooms or party by the main stage.

Summer Love Dance 2017 Bacolod

Summer Love Dance 2017 Ticket Outlets

Tickets have been pre-selling at Php 350 and tables are sold at Php 7,000 (which come with with 5 premium passes and Php 4,000 worth of consumable). At the gate, tickets are already at P600

Tickets are available at:

  • L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod
  • Rubix Pub
  • Fresh Start Organic (SM City Bacolod)
  • Miren Desserts Cafe
  • Quali Tea (Mayfair Plaza)
  • Brew 22 (Ramos-Lacson)
  • Quarters Sports Lounge
Summer Love Dance 2017

Check out the Negros Love Dance Festival page for complete details:

Note: Food and drinks are sold separately from the tickets (except for the tables).

Summer Love Dance 2017 is presented by Headrush, Panasiatic Solutions, and L’Fisher Hotel.

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