Stephen Moyer and Carrie Underwood Team Up in Sound of Music Remake


I have always loved the classic movie, The Sound of Music. Its musicality, its production, its story, the actors, their voices…they are just all love. Captain Von Trapp, played by Christopher Plummer, is just a suave gentleman while Maria, played by Julie Andrews, is a free-spirited young nun. They are perfect together. And the casting back then was perfect, too.

The scenes were simple but the songs were sung beautifully. There were no complicated sets, costumes, makeup, hairpieces, or sound effects. But the entire movie was just lovely.

Stephen Moyer and Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music remake on NBC for Christmas. Photos from the internet.

And now, NBC is producing a live holiday production of this well-loved musical 70 years later. It is an attempt to relive this classic love story featuring younger actors and with newer sets. So, who are the lucky ones who will reprise the iconic roles?

Well, it has been announced that for Captain Von Trapp, it is going to be True Blood’s Stephen Moyer while Maria will be played by singer Carrie Underwood.

Moyer’s rather stern looks could really pass him off as Captain Von Trapp but I haven’t seen him perform, well at least, in a musical. I have never heard him sing. All I know is that he is a serious actor. But they say that he “has won praise for several stage roles in the U.K. and starred in the Hollywood Bowl’s production of Chicago last month.” So I guess he is a good fit. And of course, Underwood’s fresh face and powerful voice would I think make her the perfect Maria.

The live show of The Sound of Music by NBC is slated to air on December 5. I wonder where I can get a copy to watch it? As you know, we don’t have NBC….or cable for that matter. hehe

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