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Skin Solutions Bacolod Made My Skin Look Younger


Skin Solutions in Bacolod offers
skin treatments designed by a reputable
Bacolod dermatologist.

Skin Solutions crystal power peel
Sigrid Says at Skin Solutions after my Crystal Power Peel Facial. My face was glowing!

It had been quite a while since I went to have my face cleaned with an intensive facial. And I had been spending late nights working that the stress has led to breakouts already. The breakouts are not that bad anymore because somehow I had been engaging myself in some bedtime beauty routines that involves more than just washing my face with soap. But still, I needed a more intensive facial to remove deep-seated dirt.

Thankfully, I was invited to try out the services at Skin Solutions owned by Dr. Maria Rhea B. Lombos-Serondo. Skin Solutions is located at Unit A-01 Negros First Cyber Center, Hernaez St., Bacolod City.

Skin Solutions Dermatology & Laser Center
Unit A-01 Negros First Cyber Center, Hernaez St.
6100 Bacolod City, Philippines
Tel. No. (034) 432 1533

The clinic looks just like that, clean and clinical because it is run by a doctor, but also relaxing. They have four treatment rooms and a laser room for different needs. Before each treatment or program, Dr. Serondo will check you thoroughly and ask questions. In my case, the good doctor was away on a trip but she asked for a clear close up photo of my face so that she can see my skin’s condition. She then recommended that I have the Crystal Power Peel Facial for intensive cleaning and Photodynamic Therapy using blue light for my breakouts.

Their facial process was different than any that I ever had before. My attendant Tess, who told me that all the clinic attendants are medical professionals, started with cleaning my face with a cleanser. Here is the process in photos:

Skin Solutions facial
Tes prepares my face for the facial by cleaning it using a cleanser. She also did some facial massage.
Skin Solutions facial
My face was applied with some facial scrub and then exfoliated using this mechanical brush.
Skin Solutions facial
After the invigorating scrub, my face was placed under a steamer to open pores.
Skin Solutions facial
To help bring out the dirt embedded in my pores, Tes used this vacuum.
Skin Solutions facial
While I am so used to the pricking on my face because of my clogged pores, I was surprised that they used the scrubber to clean my face. Tess would apply toner from time to time on the different areas of my face and use the metal scrubber to just “scrape” the impurities away. But a had a couple of cystic breakouts, so she had to prick them and press them out. The scrubber minimizes the skin damage due to facials. It was so much faster than having to prick and extract all my comedones.
Skin Solutions facial
When all the extractions were done, my skin was subjected to this hand-held laser to close the pores.
Skin Solutions crystal peeling
To exfoliate my skin some more, I had the crystal peeling. It’s kind of like the diamond peel except that it uses crystal powder at the tip to scrub instead of just sucking in the dead skin cells like the diamond peel. I felt some discomfort when the equipment touched my skin but Tes was responsive enough. In the end, there was no injury at all, just smoother, more even skin.
Skin Solutions facial
Because of my breakouts, I went under the blue light for about 10 minutes in order to kill the bacteria on the surface of the skin.
Skin Solutions facial mask
To tone skin, a mask was applied on top of a gauze that was placed on to of my face. That would make for easy removal of the mask.
Skin Solutions facial
Faceoff: Removing the mask literally revealed a fresher, younger looking skin.
Skin Solutions facial
Last step is the application of a BB cream and voila! My face was all glowing. I was fully able to appreciate my face the following day and in the days to come because the skin tone was more even, skin is lighter, and rejuvenated. I honestly looked a bit younger! Love it!

Skin Solutions Amenities

Dr. Serondo holds clinic here at scheduled times during the week so she has an office here. They have four treatment rooms and a laser room. They also have a comfortable waiting area/lounge and a reception area where you can buy medicines.

Skin Solutions laser treatments
The laser room at Skin Solutions.
Skin Solutions facial
One of the treatment rooms at Skin Solutions.

Skin Solutions Services
Skin Solutions has many different kinds of regular facials and more advanced facials. They also have whitening services, anti-ageing treatments, skin peeling, slimming procedures, and many more. They are open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm and on Saturday, from 9am to 12nn.

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