Rotary Club of Bacolod South - Kalipay Negrense Foundation

Rotary Club of Bacolod South - Kalipay Negrense Foundation

Rotary Club of Bacolod South Brings Hope to Kalipay Negrense Foundation


Rotary Club of Bacolod South pays a loving visit to the kids of Kalipay Negrense Foundation.

The only international language is a child's cry. ~ Eglantyne Jebb
Rotary Club of Bacolod South - Kalipay Negrense Foundation
RCBS President Elena Gatanela distributes snacks to the kids of Kalipay Negrense Foundation.

Some kids just cry louder than most. Others, however, cry in secret — thinking that nobody hears them anyway. But in reality, those who can actually hear are only the ones who care to listen with their hearts.

At the Kalipay Negrense Foundation, they have listened and they have “saved” many children already. It is a non-profit foundation working for the causes of disadvantaged children. “Disadvantaged children” is a cover term for the homeless, the physically and sexually abused, the malnourished, the out of school, and the special children.

The Kalipay Negrense Foundation, Inc. hopes to break the cycle of hopelessness in these children’s lives by introducing them to education, and by providing them with decent shelter, as well as health care and counseling.

But sometimes, the burden becomes too heavy to bear. While Kalipay has the heart, their pockets also run dry. And they badly need help.

Joint Effort

Heeding the call of Kalipay Negrense Foundation, the Rotary Club of Bacolod South (RCBS) headed by President Elena Gatanela went there to hold a one-day medical and dental mission. This event was in cooperation with the RCBS twin club, the Rotary Club of Taal-Lemery (RCTL) of Batangas, headed by President Erick Hernandez.


With an air of expectancy, the Kalipay children welcomed the joint Rotary missions team. While they do receive well-meaning guests from time to time, they are still excited when a group comes to visit them. They know that something good is going to happen. They put on their best behavior and their sweetest smiles as they waited for the Rotarians to finish setting up their equipment and presentation.

Rotary Club of Bacolod South - Kalipay Negrense Foundation
One of the remarkable things at Kalipay Negrense Foundation is that their residents are very disciplined and well-behaved.

Four physicians and three dentists as well as officers and members of both clubs helped out in the event that was held last October 21, 2017 at the Recovered Treasures in Bago City, Negros Occidental. A total of 150 children under the care of Kalipay Foundation benefited from the mission. They were able to avail of free medical check up and dental cleaning.

Rotary Club of Bacolod South - Kalipay Negrense Foundation
Kids underwent general medical check up.

Furthermore, the residents were given first-aid medicines, dental kits composed of toothbrushes and tooth paste, and of course snacks for the day. The Rotary club members also pooled resources to be able to give a sack of rice as well as some clothes for the children.

Rotary Club of Bacolod South - Kalipay Negrense Foundation
Volunteer dentists gave free dental services to the kids of Kalipay Negrense Foundation.

Sparking Hope | Making a Difference

Even for just a day, the RCBS and RCTL were able to bring hope and joy to the disadvantaged children of Kalipay. The kids got more than just treat for their physical health. The mission and the Rotarians were just instruments to bring hope and make a difference in the lives of the young residents.

It is through moments like these that we become optimistic that the children, who were once devoid of hope, will see that there is still good in humanity despite what they have gone through.

Rotary Club of Bacolod South - Kalipay Negrense Foundation
Medicines and some supplements were given to the children.

As a society, we have the responsibility of helping raise children who will become powerful, productive, responsible, and emphatic members of the next generation. The responsibility becomes greater when we are talking about disadvantaged children like these who do not have their own parents to guide them. We help them and we seed hope with the prayer that one day, the goodness sown in them will impact them positively and multiply towards the community in the future. We fervently pray that they, too, will pay the kindness forward someday.

Rotary Club of Bacolod South - Kalipay Negrense Foundation
The thankful faces of Kalipay Negrense Foundation.

Rotary Club of Bacolod South

The Kalipay Negrense Foundation is not the only group that was touched by the Rotary Club of Bacolod South. In line with the Rotary International’s general causes, RCBS continues to think up and hold projects and activities that holistically impact their sector of society.

Rotary Club of Bacolod South - Kalipay Negrense Foundation
Rotary Club of Bacolod South is making a difference.

Rotary is dedicated to six areas of focus to build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world, to support our peace efforts, and end polio forever.

Promoting Peace

Nothing beats sports events in fostering peace in the community. This year, RCBS co-sponsored the 1st Recoletos Football Challenge at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos (UNO-R) where five teams from different schools joined. The event also seeks to promote and develop excellence in academics and sports among the youth in the region.

Rotary Club of Bacolod South
The Recoletos Football Challenge supported by RCBS.

Fighting Disease

At the Bacolod Girls Home, RCBS held a grooming day. The girls were given a seminar on hair care and good grooming. The Rotarians themselves got their hands busy with giving the girls hair treatments. The residents were also given snacks as well as clothes and slippers. It was a rare blessing for these orphaned girls.

Rotary Club of Bacolod South
The RCBS held a day of hair care and grooming at the Bacolod Girls’ Home.
Rotary Club of Bacolod South
RCBS Past President Vanessa Encabo distributes snacks at the Bacolod Girls’ Home.

Supporting Education

Oplan Hilam-os aimed to beautify the Day Care and Community Center in Purok Pepsi, Brgy. Bata, Bacolod City. RCBS members and volunteers helped in the beautification project that resulted in a colorful center, which came alive because of the fresh paint and the vibrant artworks. The 100 something students were very happy with how their centers looked afterwards.

Rotary Club of Bacolod South
How nice it would be to learn in a place as lively as this!

Saving Mothers and Children

In line with their thrust of making a difference in the society, RCBS held a free legal consultation last August 2017 at the SM City Bacolod. Everyone who came was given the chance to receive legal advice on their current entanglements. A lot of those who benefited from the free legal advice were women who are in domestic disputes. Through the event, they were given a voice and hope of getting out of their situation. Where once they thought they were stuck in a rut, they now realized that there can be solutions to their legal woes.

Rotary Club of Bacolod South
Free legal consultation at SM City Bacolod sponsored by the RCBS.

Growing Local Economies

RCBS introduced AlterTrade and the concept of Our Food to the Interact Club of Living Stones International School (LSIS). AlterTrade seeks to provide an environment of fair trade to the local farmers of Negros. Encouraging families to buy from AlterTrade also alleviates the livelihood of farmers under AlterTrade. The RCBS increased the market of AlterTrade through its introduction to the students of LSIS.

Rotary Club of Bacolod South
RCBS President Elena Gatanela talks to the students of Living Stones International School.
Every project is much thought about and it is with the promise that more worthwhile projects are coming from RCBS in 2018. Truly, they are making a difference in Bacolod!



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