Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant -

Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant - cansi with rice




Rodrigo’s Cansi House is relatively new among the native Bacolod restaurants. But aside from cansi, they also serve many other Pinoy favorite dishes.

Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant
Cansi with drinks and UNLIRICE at Rodrigo’s Cansi House.

When there is a favorite food in a certain place, all that the people would want to go to is the one that served the first or the original. Sometimes, something new comes along that offers about the same but is underappreciated or totally disregarded. That’s very true here among Bacolod restaurants.

Undiscovered Cansi House

Me thinks that it’s the same thing that is happening with RODRIGO’S CANSI HOUSE that will hopefully turn around in the coming weeks. From its name, you will think that Rodrigo’s is just another cansihan (place where you can eat or buy cansi), just like the many native Bacolod restaurants in the area serving only cansi in a soup.

Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant
Rodrigo’s Cansi House serves Pinoy favorites at their restaurant at Hilado corner Tindalo St., Shopping, Bacolod City.

More Than Just Cansi

But the name Rodrigo’s Cansi House is actually quite misleading because aside from cansi, they serve some of the most delicious Filipino dishes. These are complete with beautiful arrangements–something that you would not expect because of their budget friendly prices.

They will serve you meals that are truly worth your budget. Located at corner Hilado-Tindalo Streets, Shopping, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, this Bacolod restaurant is hard to miss.

What is cansi?

Cansi or kansi is a beef soup dish. The part used here is the cow shoulder bones, as opposed to the bulalo where the leg bones are used. It is used along with the meat and the jelly-like cartilage surrounding the bones. The utok or bone marrow is mostly enjoyed by everybody.

It is removed from the soup and eaten along with the soup or just mixed in the soup to make the broth more flavorful. In Bacolod restaurants serving cansi, people like their cansi in a soup soured with batwan, steaming hot, and with floating red chili peppers for a little spice.

The usual practice is that a group of people, like two to four, would get an order of cansi, which is one bone, and then ask for additional soup so that they can enjoy the hot and flavorful broth. It’s not a healthy food but a comfort food, especially when you are tired or when you want something to warm your tummy during cold weather. It is best eaten with steamed white rice.


So first and foremost, I just want to clarify that Rodrigo’s Cansi is not like the usual cansi that Bacolodnons are used to in other homegrown Bacolod restaurants, which usually has a very strong flavor and lots of vetsin.

Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant - cansi bone marrow
Close up of cansi with bone marrow. Yum!

While owned by Negrenses, Rodrigo’s Cansi is cooked Roxas-style (adapted from the tastes of Roxas City). It is quite sour and mildly spicy, but you can ask for more chili if you want the hotness meter to go up a few notches.


Another good thing about Rodrigo’s Cansi is that it contains NO MSG. They are probably the only one among the Bacolod restaurants serving native food that do not use MSG in their broth.

I like that because food that is too salty and has lots of vetsin make me so thirsty afterwards. And also, cansi soup is not among the healthiest of meals. So if you add vetsin into the mixture, I just think that it makes it more, you know, unhealthy. :p

Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant
The non aircon main dining area.

I personally like their cansi soup because the flavor is not overpowering and does not leave a biting sensation on my tongue.

I wanted to clarify that because being a newbie in the business, they will obviously be prone to comparisons with existing Bacolod restaurants.

5 Choices of Rodrigo’s Cansi

Cansi Unod (P120)

The cansi unod serving is like the regular beef nilaga because it contains slices of beef swimming in the same broth. But it is served with no bone. This is smaller, too, and is good for one person.

Cansi Debone (P140)

This one has all the meat and the BONE MARROW of the regular cansi, however, it is served without the bone.

Cansi Lawas (P160)

One serving of beef shoulder bone, meat, and cartilage with a bone that’s full of bone marrow. It is served in an aluminum pot with lots of soup. You may ask for extra soup but it’s not unlimited. They have to maintain the quality of the soup because they don’t water it down and don’t add MSG. This order is good for sharing.

Cansi Lawas with Drink and Unli Rice (P185)

So this is basically the upsize of Cansi Lawas. You get rice and a glass of iced tea or juice with it. If there is a second person, you can order for unli-rice with drink for only P25.

Sizzling Cansi (P160)

For those who want the beefy goodness of cansi but cooked in a different way, try their sizzling cansi. It is served with gravy on a sizzling plate.

Rodrigo's Cansi house - Bacolod restaurant - sizzling cansi steak
Sizzling cansi steak. I like it’s taste, too.


Rodrigo’s is more than just a cansi house. With an expansive restaurant that’s several hundreds of square meters in space, they have a main non-aircon dining area, an air-conditioned dining room, and a very wide garden area for alfresco dining. The function room may be occupied or small to medium gatherings. They hope to be able to improve on the landscaping in the near future to make it like a beautiful garden restaurant.

But what makes it really stand out among other Bacolod restaurants serving cansi is that, they serve more than just cansi soup. You will really enjoy the other dishes that they offer.

Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant - Instagrammable walls
Rodrigo’s Cansi House has 3D Instagrammable walls like this one. So cute! 😀 These walls are inside the function room. Don’t miss a photo opp here.

To enjoy your meals here, Rodrigo’s Cansi House has other exciting items on the menu that’s complete with nice food presentations. Here are some of the noteworthy items for us. Some of these items may be found in other Bacolod restaurants as well, however, they have also added their own taste, manner of preparation, as well as in serving style.


This is the classic tangigue kinilaw with a twist. Aside from being sour, it is a little spicy and kinda creamy and features, guess what?, QUAIL EGGS. It is nicely presented with slices of cucumber all around the plate, something that can be mixed into the kinilaw for a salad. Or you may eat them as a side dish.

Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant - tangigue kinilaw
Check out the tangigue kinilaw. This is only P150.

Baby Back Ribs

You know what? This could become another go-to place if you are craving baby back ribs with barbecue sauce. While we all have our favorite Bacolod restaurants serving baby back ribs in our city, this is something that you should check out, too. The sauce has a certain twist, not quite the kind that we are used to, but it has an entirely distinct flavorful taste.

Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant baby back ribs
You’d be surprised, this half a rack of baby back ribs with barbecue sauce might become your new favorite. P350. For a solo meal of one rib and rice, it’s P130 only.

Also the surface of the pork has a certain crunch, giving it more texture. So good! Half a rack is P350 (without rice) while a single serve meal of ribs with rice is only P130.

Pepper Squid

A nice twist at Rodrigo’s Cansi House– battered squid, deep fried, and mixed with pepper sauce. It’s a nice pulutan with beer as well as ulam. And just look at the presentation — for its price of P130, you would not expect a tomato rosette on the side. 😀 Definitely Instagram-worthy. They also have calamares and sizzling squid, which I have yet to try.

Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant - pepper squid
Pepper squid at P130–look at that chili pepper, tomato rosette, and cucumbers– it’s like a big flower on your squid! So pretty! 😀

Buttered Chicken

Battered or buttered? Both, actually. No, I did not spell it wrongly. It’s fried chicken whose batter has butter. Dig? Anyway, my children like it so much because of its buttery taste. And it’s fried just right–crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. That whole order is only P190.

Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant - buttered chicken
Buttered fried chicken – only P190.


For those who want vegetables with their meal, they have this large plate of chopsuey with a hefty serving. And mind you, they do not scrimp on the broccoli, cauliflower, and even the quail eggs. My kids enjoyed that there’s a vegetable dish that they like. The best thing is the price–it’s only P160.

They also have baked oysters as well as Bacolod chicken inasal but we were not able to try them at the time.

Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant - chopsuey
A platter of chopsuey — check out the premium ingredients. For only P160. This is a lot!


Airconditioned Function Room

Aside from the food, you will be happy to know that you can hold almost any kind of gathering here. Their cozy function room may be booked for small to medium events like parties, meetings, seminars or workshops; while their garden area may be reserved for a big party.

Rodrigo;s Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant function room
The function room, as pictured from the main dining area.

Parking Space

I like the fact there’s ample parking space. So if you are looking for a place to have lunch or dinner and you can’t find a parking spot in your favorite Bacolod restaurants, just know that there’s a lot of parking space around Rodrigo’s.

Garden Area

Rodrigo’s has a very big garden area and they have placed big potted plants all over the place. They are even planning to improve the garden further and accommodate more plants to make it like a go-to garden chill place.

Clean Restroom

And you know, Rodrigo’s has a spacious shared lavatory as well as a nice and clean restroom with the necessary supplies. It’s such a relief to find these here because most native Bacolod restaurants take this very important amenity for granted!

Rodrigo's Cansi House - Bacolod restaurant -
Inside the function room.

There’s so much to discover and appreciate at RODRIGO’S CANSI HOUSE. Visit them and try them for a change and you might find your new favorites there. Staff are friendly and courteous, too. It is of the Bacolod restaurants that you should discover if you haven’t yet. We were very happy with our experience there and we think that you and your friends and loved ones will, too. 😀

Rodrigo’s Cansi House

Hilado-Tindalo Streets, Shopping
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Open daily: 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 10pm
Serves lunch and dinner

Find Rodrigo’s Cansi House on the map.


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