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Radio Frequency Regionalized Slimming and Fat Reduction at Derma Lounge Facial Spa Bacolod

Derma Lounge Facial Spa Bacolod
Derma Lounge Facial Spa Bacolod is located at the 2nd floor of the Dream 21 Bldg., North Drive, Bacolod City.

After all the holiday binge, many people have surely gained weight, or at least have awakened the next morning to ballooned mid-sections. Yes, only a few people can eat and drink all you can and still wake up lean and thin. For us mere mortals who gain weight or inches with every extra cup of rice that we consume, these people may be considered in the realm of goddesses.

So okay, now for the rest of us who are not blessed with genes for fast metabolism and the willpower to exercise, there is a much easier alternative to achieving the shape that you want–Radio Frequency Slimming and Fat Reduction at Derma Lounge Facial Spa Bacolod.

Derma Lounge is primarily a skin and facial clinic run by their resident dermatologist, however, they also have slimming services, such as the RF.

radio frequency slimming before and after
My therapist taking the measurements on my belly and my arms before my RF procedure. Photo credits: Kriza Celis.

My Radio Frequency Slimming Experience at Derma Lounge Facial Spa
I was introduced to the RF procedure by my friend Kriza Celis. On her first visit, she lost 3 inches and on the second visit after 3 days, she lost another inch. She had to buy smaller sized jeans already. So I also went to Derma Lounge to try their Radio Frequency Slimming services last November. I chose to have my belly and my arms treated. RF treatment is P995 per area, so that would be P1900 for the arms and belly. The treatment time for each area is approximately 30 minutes, so for the arms, that translates to about 15 minutes per arm.

Derma Lounge Bacolod
The hallway and lavatory at Derma Lounge. The place is small but well-appointed and very clean.

The place is very cozy, clean, and smells good. It has a comfortable waiting area and the staff is courteous and helpful. It is best to set an appointment for your service to make sure that you have a slot when you get there. Call Tel. No. 431-1166 for appointments.

Radio Frequency Procedure
When I got there, my waistline and lower abdomen circumference was measured, and so were my arms. My tummy, after 2 kids, lack of exercise, and a lifestyle of see-food buffet, is saggy to say the least. The tale of the tape was not looking well. The arms were flabby, too.

RF Slimming cream used at Derma Lounge
This cream imported from Germany helps in the slimming as well as in making the RF procedure more comfortable.

Then I was made to lie down. My therapist applied a special cream on the area and I was made to hold a device that I can press whenever the heat gets too much to bear. That will automatically tell the machine to adjust the temperature. You see, the radio frequency uses heat waves through a device that the therapist continually rubs on the area that needs treatment, in my case, my tummy. There are different levels of heat, depending on the what the individual can endure. I have to warn you though that the rubbing is not tender–there is a certain amount of pressure from the therapist, which they can also adjust if you find it too strong. But I guess the harder you endure, the better the effects, or so I believe. hehe

RF treatment at Derma Lounge Bacolod
My therapist MC starts the procedure. The pain and heat can be endured. Much of the success of this treatment relies on the therapist because they are the ones applying pressure.
Derma Lounge RF on the arms
My therapist working on my arms. My arms look significantly smaller. This is nice for those who have lose weight and have flabby arms. Tightens the area.
RF machine
The digital screen of the RF machine at Derma Lounge.

The same is true with the arms. She rubs the device around my underarms then my arms. But she is more gentle here, after all, the arms are smaller.

All in all, I lost an inch off my waistline and an inch each around my arms. It was my arms that had an obvious effect. And for those who are asking if the effects stay, well, after more than a month, my arms are still noticeably smaller. I just can’t say the same for my belly because I only lost and inch and then I didn’t control my food intake for December. haha I believe that the effects are different for different people. I also think that the longer that you have been carrying that fat around, the more stubborn it is to remove so you would need several sessions to really see desired results.

What you can expect from Radio Frequency slimming is that you can zero in on the areas where you need to lose fat. You can expect inches to be melted away and the area to become more toned. You can also use the RF treatment to achieve contour. Like for example, you don’t have a lot of body fat anymore but you want to have a smaller waistline, they can do that.

It is nice to have this before going somewhere special and you want to look good in your dress, maybe your wedding, birthday, or just about anything. You can have several treatments at least a week before.

RF Side Effects
They say that there are no really bad side effects to the body except that after the procedure and about 2-3 days after, the area will become red (in reaction to heat and friction) and eventually bruised, depending on your skin type. You will also feel some pain in the area because of the pressure applied, but it will go away in a few days.

Sigrid Says: Radio Frequency is a good way to lose inches fast in your problematic areas. Just a warning though, you can easily gain back what you lost if you don’t watch your lifestyle. To maximize the effects of your dieting and exercise regimen, you may want to supplement your routines with RF to contour and tone your body. The procedure will also work best for those who are more tolerant to pain and heat, because these two are really involved in the procedure.

Derma Lounge Facial Spa is located at the 2nd Floor, Dream 21 Bldg., North Drive (across Bob’s North Drive), Bacolod City. They are open Mondays-Saturdays, from 10am to 7pm. For inquiries and reservations, you may call them at 034-431-1166 or 0923-1416485.

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  1. I can’t wait to have this procedure after I give birth. I have added extra pounds for sure but the most obvious gain are those around my arms. It’s good to know that the procedure isn’t that expensive as I imagined. But of course you got to really follow it up with cardio and sensible exercise to maintain your shape

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