chorizo pasta at Quino's Cafe

chorizo pasta at Quino's Cafe, #Bacolodeats

Quino’s Cafe: Making Greater Memories in Their New Location


Quino’s Cafe with its cakes,
cupcakes, and wonderful meals, is now
serving in a bigger and better location.

Quino's cafe, Bacolod cafe
One of my favorites at Quino’s Cafe–the Chorizo Recado pasta.

Quino’s Cakes and Cupcakes delighted the hearts and palates of many Negrenses when they opened in Mandalagan several years ago. They specialized in cupcakes and customized fondant cakes. It was not long after they started adding other products to their menu, opened branches in The District North Point and at 888 Premiere Mall.

But times are changing and they have to keep up to the demands of their growing clientele. They closed their Ayala and Mandalagan branches and opened a bigger, better, and brighter Quino’s Cafe along B.S. Aquino Drive (across Doctor’s Hospital) , Bacolod City. It’s the perfect prime location for them and their clients–major thoroughfare, near universities and schools, hospitals, offices, and pretty much everything in between. And the best thing is, it is a now one-stop shop for all their products–meals, snacks, coffees, cakes, cupcakes, gourmet ice cream, and of course, orders for their customized party cakes and dessert tables for special events.

Quino's cafe, Bacolod cafe
One of their bestsellers is the Churros Bites with chocolate ganache. Ma-nanam and crisp to the bite. Perfect with coffee or cold drinks.
Bacolod eats, Quino's Cafe
Quino’s is also popular for their rainbow cakes. But I dunno why I haven’t tried it until now. hehe

The place is much wider to accommodate more diners. It is well-appointed, with little details that make up for a country chic look. It is decorated like the home you would like to have, complete with little details that will make your visit memorable. That is not surprising because Quino’s goes by the tagline, “Make Great Memories.” Yes, the place and the food are both Instagram-worthy, but you will have to use your Wifi or wait until internet is available because the cafe proposes that people talk to each other while they are there instead of just poring over their gadgets. After all, making memories would need you to be in the present, so I agree with that.

Quino's Cafe. Bacolod cafe
The Happy Wifey Burger. This is my favorite here, ever since I tried it during one of their bazaar stints at The District before. I love it because it has caramelized onions, which makes the burger juicier.
Quino's Cafe, Bacolod cafe
I love chili con carne so this goes well with me. Frankfurter on a hotdog bun topped with Quino’s chili con carne and cheese sauce. Served with chips.

Quino’s Cafe
B.S. Aquino Drive,
Bacolod City
Open daily: 8am to 10pm
Sundays: 12nn to 10pm
Mobile: 0922 818 8275

Quino's Cafe, Bacolod eats, Bacolod cafe
Nachos by Quino’s pictured here with cappucino and ice caramel coffee
Quino's cafe, Bacolodeats
This is one of their display chillers for ready made desserts.

Quino’s serves a wide array of meals and snacks. They have pastas, sandwiches, burgers, and of course their deli hotdog sandwiches in different flavors. Plus, you will always find a ready stash of different flavored cakes and cupcakes and their yummy gourmet ice cream. My favorite is the blueberry cheesecake and their occasional durian. Yum! If you want a light snack, try their nachos–homemade made nacho chips topped with chili con carne, shredded cabbage, onions, tomato, and cheese sauce. Only P100. You might also want to try their cold or hot coffee creations. Plus, they have all-day breakfast meals and rice meals that range from P100 to P140 only. Very affordable! And they are capturing a big chunk of the dining market in the area because they open earl and close late.

Quino's Cafe, Bacolodsweets
The Black and White cupcake. Two friends recommended this, but I haven’t tried it yet. They say this is really good because the cream cheese filling complements the chocolate cupcake.
Mini cupcakes ordered by our friend Daisy during our Victory Group night at Quino’s.
Hotdog sandwich with caramelized onions. Yum!
Quino's Cafe, Bacolod eats, Bacolod cafe
Spaghetti bolognese

The couple behind this successful venture is John and Ann Ledesma. They named their cafe after their first born. I was told that Ann has developed all their products, from the meals to the baked creations, as well as the interior design, while John does what he is good at–marketing and sales. Pretty powerful combination. But I think what makes them tick is their strong faith in God, driven with passion and integrity. They may be relatively young in the business but I think that they will be scaling even greater heights in the near future.

Quino's Cafe. Bacolod eats
Ann and John Ledesma during the opening of Quino’s Cafe.
Quino's Cafe. Bacolod eats
Look up! This is behind the counter, near the ceiling.
Quino's cafe, Bacolodeats
The interior at Quino’s Cafe.
Quino's Cafe, Bacolod eats
Look at these adorable stools. The Puffyani is another one of their bestsellers, named after their little girl, Yani.
Quino's Cafe, Bacolod sweets
Puffyani–immortalized on their wall.
Quino's Cafe, Bacolod eats
There are books you can read here, too. I see a Bible amongst the collection.

Quino’s Cafe is located at B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod. They are open daily, from 8am to 10pm, except Sundays when they open at 12noon.

Quino's Cafe, Bacolod cafe
Quino’s Cafe at B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City.
Quino's Cafe, Bacolod eats
My friend June and her daughters are making memories at Quino’s Cafe.


Bacolod eats, Quino's cafe
One of the quotes you can find at Quino’s Cafe. There’s more of them around the place

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