Product Review: Vitress Hair Solutions Cuticle Coat


When I received by BDJ Box last July, I was happy to see that the items featured for the month are things that we can actually use. And among them are these two 30ml bottles of the Vitress Hair Solutions Cuticle Coat.

Vitress Hair Solutions Cuticle Coat

Don’t be misled about the packaging. It’s the same product, but I think the black one is the most recent, featuring the signature of the now famous make up artist and hot model Solenn Heussaff. This will be the first product by Vitress that we will be trying.

Now, I have a daughter with long, straight, fine hair and although we use a conditioning shampoo as well as a separate conditioner, her hair can sometimes look untidy because of those little wisps that seem to stand out because of static. No matter how you smooth her hair, those wisps remain.

One day, after shampoo, I squeezed a small amount of the cuticle coat on my palm. Then I lightly rubbed the liquid between my palms and applied it on my daughter Dindin’s wet yet combed hair, making sure that it covers the entire length of hair. I did not put it on the scalp because I don’t think the roots of her hair need that conditioning. Then she went on with her lessons (she is currently homeschooled) while the electric fan is blowing a gentle breeze around the room.

After about an hour and a half, we took a break from our classes and I combed her hair. It was so smooth! Look at the photo below.

Dindin’s hair before and after. The photo on the left shows her wet hair. The photo on the right was taken after Dindin’s hair was combed.

I love this product. So far, we have used it for a week now and I love its effect on Dindin’s hair. It doesn’t take much to cover her long hair and it smells so good. And what’s nice is that, even at the end of the day, her hair does not become greasy. It is sooo light! But since Dindin is a kid, she is very active. So when her hair gets ruffled, I just comb it and it becomes smooth again. No tangles at all.

I really cannot comment on the price of this product because it was bought at a discounted rate along with the rest of the items of the beauty box. But I should say this is worth it because this will take a long time for us to finish.

Even for Dindin’s long hair, it only took about this much for a single use.

Note: The two bottles of Vitress Hair Solutions Cuticle Coat were purchased as part of a beauty box. The opinion stated herein is based on the experience of the author. She was not compensated to do this review.

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